Holiday Decorating Made Easy

picture of a snowman

More and more we find ourselves too busy these days to decorate our homes for the holidays. Try a few of these simple and beautiful festive Holiday décor ideas and celebrate the festive season.

  1. Natural Garland

    If you live close to a forest or you have a neighbor with a pine tree, see if you can have some of their fallen pine cones. You’ll need about 100 to 150 depending on how long you want the garland to be. Grab a strand of garland and start using a hot glue gun to attach the pine cones along the garland. Hang the beautiful new garland around your door or along your railings and add a few bows throughout for a beautiful festive touch to your home. Add some extra sparkle to this project and get some silver & gold spray paint and paint some of the pine cones.

  2. Frosting Your Front Door

    Re-purpose that old looking boring wreath by adding some silver & gold spray painted leaves and Christmas ornaments, then top it off with some white spray paint throughout on the tips of some branches to make it look frosty!

  3. Light Up Your Front Porch

    Add some light to your front porch with twinkling topiaries. Buy them ready made or simply get five-foot-tall bamboo plant stakes around the perimeter of a potted evergreen, tie them up at the top with florist wire, then twine white outdoor lights around them from top to bottom. Add some extra sparkle and before adding the lights take some silver & gold or Red & Green glitter spray paint and spray the bamboo stakes, when you add the lights to it you’ll have beautiful bursts of sparkle from every angle!

  4. Over-sized Christmas Ornaments

    Have some old tires laying around in your garage? Don’t throw them out just yet! Use these tires to make some over-sized Christmas ornaments to put on your porch or front steps. Check out the full tutorial on how to make these awesome looking ornaments yourself at Addicted 2 DIY.

If you have some great DIY Christmas decorating ideas let us know! Maybe we will share them next time.