Bring the Season indoors

Bringing Fall Indoors

As if the fall season isn’t beautiful enough, combining traditional fall colors with handmade seasonal decor can create warmth to any space, even your Sunroom!

We’ve put together a few ideas that are both unique and brilliant!

  1. Indoor Lighting

    One way you can bring the beauty of the season indoors is with lights! Many people only think about hanging lights indoors around the Christmas season, but you can add elegance with lighting any time of the year. Adding white, or fall colored lights to centerpieces, hanging plants, and displays is a great way to highlight your decor.

  2. DIY Fall Decor

    Adding some fall decorations to your home is a great way to spruce things up. Make them unique by creating your own using simple things you can find around your house.

    Mason jars scream fall already with canning season being this time of year, but with a little creativity, you can transform simple mason jars into vases, lanterns, pumpkins, candle holders, treat jars and more.

  3. Autumn Leaf Candle Holder

    picture of a lead candle holder
    Our favorite mason jar transformation is one that has been beautifully decoupaged with autumn colored leaves. This project was originally shared on Country Living’s 25 Best Fall Crafts 

    All you need is:

    • Mason jars, cleaned well with rubbing alcohol
    • A bunch of fall colored leaves (real or fake, it’s up to you. If you do decide to use real leaves soak them in water to make them flexible.)
    • Mod Podge (or craft glue)
    • Sponge Brush (optional)
    • Raffia or Ribbon (optional)

    Once your jars are clean and your leaves are malleable, you’re ready to start. Dip your brush (or fingers) in the glue/mod podge and stick the leaf to the jar. Paint over top of the leaf to get it to stick into place. Continue “painting” over the leaf until you get it to stick into place. Repeat the process on the next leaf. You can choose to completely cover the jar or leave some negative space between the layers.

    Dry for a couple hours. You may need an additional coat of glue/mod podge on the jar to make sure everything stays put. Once fully dry you can dress up the outside with some raffia or ribbon.

    Add a tea-light or votive candle to the inside of the jar and enjoy!

  4. Traditional Autumn Pieces

    Traditional fall decorations are a must! Incorporating pumpkins and squash, with hay bales and dried corn says harvest season right away. Just because you are adding some traditional pieces to your decor doesn’t mean you can’t add your own style as well. For example, mix real pumpkins with fake plastic ones that you can add glitter or metallic spray paint to.

  5. Extend Fall Decor Into Your Sunroom

    These wonderful ideas can be used throughout your home and also into your Sunroom. Incorporating your fall decor in your Sunroom is a wonderful way to make the space feel comfortable. Try a string of porch lights in your Sunroom for added warmth.  Enjoy the space like any other room in your home. Go ahead, open some windows, let the crisp fall air in to make your experience even more enjoyable.

Whether you prefer small and simple autumn touches throughout your home, or you like to go all out with seasonal decorating, combining traditional fall decor with unique handmade items can make a difference.

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