COVID-19 Statement

We’re Open for Business!

Dear Valued Customers:

On March 22, the Ohio Department of Health issued a “Stay At Home” order for the state’s residents. However, this order does classify construction as an “essential service,” as well as manufacturing and distribution in support of construction. Businesses like ours may continue to operate but must adhere to additional safety requirements.

While our community is feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to assure you that we’ll remain available to meet your emergency and future home improvement needs. We can be reached at 330-456-0021 and are willing to open our showroom by appointment only as conditions allow.

We would be happy to discuss any future home improvement projects, provide free estimates, measure for projects (following CDC regulations) and put you on a tentative schedule for installation.

Please stay safe and know we’re here to support you and your home improvement needs just as we have for the last 68 years.

Jerry and Marty Ortman

The Window Installation Process

finished window installation image

How to Install Windows

Windows are one of the most important aspects of home design. Not only do they allow for airflow and natural light, but they help define the look of your house. This is why it’s helpful to hire professionals when buying replacement windows. If installed improperly, water and dirt can accumulate around window trim, leading to rot or mold.
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Vinyl Siding Colors

image of vinyl siding

How to Choose & Coordinate Vinyl Siding Colors

Your home’s exterior should show off your style just as much as the carefully decorated interior. Thankfully, Canton Aluminum’s wide array of vinyl siding colors makes it easy for you to express your personal taste. Current trends that mix and match hues or textures allow even more freedom when it comes to vinyl siding.

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DIY Myths

diy graphic

Common DIY Home Improvement Myths

The DIY trend has been consistently increasing year after year with most homeowners now always wanting to do renovation projects or fixes around the house themselves. Many homeowners don’t realize what they are in for until it is too late and although we have heard many great DIY stories we’ve also come across the DIY horror stories as well.
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11 Ways to Save Money on Your Utilities – Part 1

rolled up cash graphic

Lowering Your Heating Bill

How many times have you thought about moving to a warmer climate during this time of year? The idea is very appealing to a lot of people, but it’s not always an option. As the cold weather and snowfall sets in, in many parts of the country, homeowners are dreading the increase in monthly costs.
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How to Enjoy your Backyard in Fall & Winter

backyard in winter picture

Backyards Shouldn’t Be Seasonal

With the cooler weather here, now is usually when everyone starts packing up their backyard furniture and getting the outside of their homes ready for winter. One thing we all dread is not being able to use our backyards that many of us have spent most of our summer fixing and making it a space that you and your family want to spend time in and enjoy. As the winter weather starts to approach we often forget about how important our backyards have become to us and our families and big a role it played in our lives these past months.
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Getting the Most from your Home and Property

transparent patio cover photo

Need more living space?

Even if you don’t already have a deck or patio, as long as you have extra space on your property you can always convert that to additional living space. Sunspace Sunrooms’ products come in a variety of configurations and versions and are incredibly modular. For example, you may have never even considered the fact that what is currently your deck can be transformed in a short amount of time into the home office of your dreams!
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Why You Should Have a Sunroom


Have you been considering adding a Sunroom to your home but have questions like:

“What kind of Sunroom do I want?”

“What’s the difference between the different models?”

Like many others, questions are just part of the process of adding a Sunroom to your home. Canton Aluminum knows this and will be there to help you through each step of the process.
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How Does WeatherMaster Stack Up?

WeatherMaster Windows

WeatherMaster Windows – one of Sunspace Sunrooms most popular products, and one we’re most proud of. We believe it’s the cornerstone of our sunrooms and one of the reasons they’ve been so popular. But as a homeowner, you may find yourself interested in home improvement, or installing an addition to your house, or renovating your current patio, carport, or open garage. You may ask yourself what product should I buy? What brand should I chose? Well we’d like to take a little time to show you how WeatherMaster stacks up against the competition.
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65 Years Experience & What We’ve Learned About Home Improvements

Canton Aluminum Proudly Serving 65 Years

65+ Years, and Still Going Strong

On April 25, 1952, the Canton Repository’s headline congratulated the 33 Best Spellers from Stark, Tuscarawas, and Carroll counties alongside major headlines about war and new beginnings for Pike County. Then there was us, Canton Aluminum, a small family owned business starting out with quality manufactured awnings, siding, storm windows and doors all made from aluminum materials.
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It’s Home Show Season!

home show booth

That Time of Year

That’s right – home show season is here and at Canton Aluminum we are super excited to help our customers turn their dreams into reality this year!

Stay tuned and on the look out for where Canton Aluminum will be next! We will keep you updated through our Facebook page and you can also checkout the Sunspace Sunrooms website to find out where you can find us next!
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Extending your Home to Enjoy the Outdoors

back patio picture

Enjoy the Outside Indoors

If you’re a homeowner that owns an older home, you may be looking for new ways to bring in more light to your home and brighten it up. With older homes, it can sometimes be hard to make the indoors brighter without taking away from the beauty of the home. Maybe you’re looking for a way to open your home so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from your backyard, but you’re not sure how.
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Valentines Day “Renovation” Ideas

Valentines day ideas

Alternative Valentines Day Gift Ideas

With Valentines Day just around the corner, why not switch things up this year? Surprise her (or him) with a bedroom remodel to give your room a facelift! Not many of us are very interested in working on Valentines day, and for most of us we’d rather be out at a fancy restaurant eating deliciously prepared food. Here’s how you can spruce up your bedroom this Valentine’s Day without going overboard.
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Turn Those Winter Blues into Something Positive

winterized sunroom

Beating the Winter Blues

A lot of us are already sick of the snow and cold weather, and even though we all know that we still have a few months left of it, we try our best to avoid it wherever possible. This usually means that you’re spending more and more time indoors, which can lead you to becoming bored and down. If you are one of the many lucky owners of a Three Season Sunroom or Thermal Sunroom, then don’t let the cold snow bring you down.
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A Home Renovation for New Years!

kitchen remodel

Simple Kitchen Renovations

As the new year begins you may be wanting to renovate or update some areas of your home that you spend the most time in. The kitchen is one of the areas of the home where families spend most of their time, so the biggest and one of the most important renovations are kitchen renovations & remodels.

With a new year, already here and Christmas just past, you may think now is not the best time to be thinking of spending more money to fix up your home. We have some great ways you can update your kitchen right now without breaking the bank!
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6 Reasons Why You Should Renovate Your Home This Winter

image of a snow covered home

Renovating Properly

A lot of us don’t think about home renovation, especially during the cold winter months. Renovating your home doesn’t mean tearing an outer wall out and have the freezing weather come indoors, there are several home renovations that you can do to the interior of your home and stay warm. Winter can be the perfect time to start a home remodeling project!
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Doors, Doors, Doors

snow covered home photo

Efficiency Starts at the Door

This month at Canton Aluminum we are all about finding ways to help save you money this winter. Now we’ve covered roofs, your Sunroom, the outside of your home, and windows. The very last thing you need to help save you money this winter and keep you warm is changing your doors. Many homeowners don’t think they can be losing a lot of money on an old front or back door, when in reality even the smallest of space between the floor and your door could be costing you hundreds of dollars during the winter.
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Maximize Your 3 Season Room This Winter

winterized sunroom photo

All Season Rooms

Although all season rooms are becoming more and more popular today, many of the already existing sunrooms are a 3 Season Sunroom. Maybe you’d like to upgrade your 3 Season Sunroom into an All Season Sunroom? A great way to extend the enjoyment of your 3 season room this winter is fairly simple, just add some heat.
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Cleaning & Maintaining Your Roof & Gutters

fall photo

Gutter Failure

As we head into fall, there are many beautiful colors you’ll be able to experience with the changing colors of the leaves on the trees. Something to keep in mind while all of those beautiful colorful leaves are falling to the ground, creating a blanket of beautiful yellows, reds, and oranges over your lawn is ensuring your gutters aren’t being filled with the leaves as well.
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How Installing a Carport Can Help Keep Your Car Warm This Winter

carport installation photo carport photo

Protection from the Weather

With fall upon us and winter soon approaching, it’s about that time of year to start getting your car ready for the harsh weather ahead. Along with the winter weather comes having to add on an extra 10-20 minutes to our morning routine to make sure we have time to warm up the car and clean the massive piles of snow off it.
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Three Ways to Make More Space in Your Place with a Sunroom

picture of a sunroom

Create More Space!

Tired of feeling like your living in a cramped fishbowl? Bring your head above water and let the fresh air into your home or cottage by adding a bright and breezy extension. Canton Aluminum strives to make their customers feel comfortable and spacious in their everyday life. Here are three ways to make more space in your place:
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How to Make Your Canton Aluminum Entry Door Fiery for Fall

picture of fall

Fall Decorating

As fall rolls in, the winds cool down and the leaves begin to shed their shades of green for vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow. A symbol that means not only has summer come to an end, but also that the growing season is over for another year. But, don’t fret just quite yet! You can make fiery fall garden containers to keep your doorstep looking fresh and fabulous that will accentuate the beauty and complement the color of your Canton Aluminum Entry Door. Here are some tips on what to add to your fall container.
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Three Ways to Prepare Your Home for Jack Frost

icicles on window picture

Preparing Your Home for Winter

Winter can be a beautiful time of year; seeing the snow glisten from the reflection of the sun, watching large beautiful snowflakes gracefully fall onto tree branches, and the warm feeling that Christmas is just around the corner. However, winter can also be a harsh and cruel time, especially for your home or cottage. Here are three ways to help prepare your home before jack-frost arrives and does irreparable damage to your home.
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Bringing the Outside, In: Sunspace Sunrooms

picture of a sunroom

Multipurpose Sunrooms

As summer comes to an end it can be hard to let go of all the beautiful gardens you spent so much time tending to. All the hours, money, hard work and dedication you put into making your garden great, can sometimes make you feel defeated. Especially, as mother nature comes in with her swift, northerly winds of autumn and steals your flowers for another year. Except, for those who have a Sunspace Four Season Sunroom by Canton Aluminum.
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Five Helpful Tips for Cleaning Vinyl Siding

picture of vinyl siding

Summer Cleaning

Summer is a beautiful and almost magical time of year filled with late star-gazing nights, morning swims, and colorful gardens everywhere you look. What many people fail to mention however, is how exhausting summertime can truly be. With children home from school, family outings, BBQs, and what can feel like a revolving door of guests in your home, house chores can become more and more tiring to maintain.
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Three Ways to Spruce up your Home’s Exterior: Siding

exterior siding picture

Vinyl Siding Options

With today’s new technologies, its no wonder how innovative the exterior home remodeling market has become. Now, you can choose from a selection of vinyl siding types and styles to update your curb appeal, optimize function, and give your home a makeover. Canton Aluminum has over 60 years of satisfied siding customers, and have embraced innovative new products, like:
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Three Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer: Sunrooms

picture of a sunroom

Sunroom Options

Do you find that in the height of summer you are spending more time indoors? Invite the outdoors in and don’t let the heat keep you away from summer fun and leisure! Canton Aluminum have a few solutions that can help you beat the heat this summer. Enjoy the sunshine or the breeze without harmful UV Rays and insects, with a Sunspace Sunroom! Choose from a variety of styles to suit your home needs.
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Five Ways to Give your Outdoor Space a Makeover

Let’s face it, outdoor spaces are usually last on our list for remodeling, unless it is directly affecting our home’s function. It’s time to start giving back to your leisure, and creating a space you deserve. Canton Aluminum can help you transform your space to welcome the outdoors and leisure in, while giving your home the update it deserves.
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Porch Enclosures and Home Styles: How to Preserve Your Home Style with a New Addition

Porch Enclosures

Home Additions

Adding a new addition to your home can be a big decision. Whether you are adding onto an exiting porch or deck, adding a free standing addition, or starting from scratch, making sure your addition flows with your home style is important. Canton Aluminum can help you keep the integrity of your house, while meeting your home remodeling needs.
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Remodeling – Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Project

sunroom install photo

Planning for a Remodel

Preparing for a home remodeling project can be overwhelming. You not only have to decide on a project, but have to find trustworthy contractors and vendors to get the job done. Canton Aluminum now offers remodeling services for the greater Canton/Akron area. We offer our experience, advice, and referrals to get your remodeling project done to your specifications, and provide you a one-stop shop for your home remodeling needs.
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Home Improvement Solutions

Home Improvement Solutions Gallery

Check out Canton Aluminum’s Home Improvement Solutions.

Give Your Home a Fresh New Look

Create your dream home with a little help from Canton Aluminum. Whether you’re looking to restore your home’s exterior, protect against foundation damage, or make your home more energy efficient, Canton Aluminum has a home improvement solution to meet your needs. Our replacement windows, vinyl siding, and roofing options help enhance your home’s appearance with added security and functionality.
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Outdoor Living Solutions

Outdoor Living Solutions Gallery

See all of Canton Aluminum’s Outdoor Living Solutions.

Let Canton Aluminum Design Your New Space

Outdoor living is a great way to enjoy the beauty of Ohio’s changing seasons. Enjoy your outdoor space even longer with a beautiful Sunroom or patio from Canton Aluminum. Whether you’re looking to expand your living space, add some shade for outdoor entertaining, or protect your home from harsh Ohio storms, Canton Aluminum has a solution to make the outdoors feel like home. Our multi-season outdoor living spaces offer room to enjoy the company of family and friends, regardless of the weather.
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