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Common DIY Home Improvement Myths

The DIY trend has been consistently increasing year after year with most homeowners now always wanting to do renovation projects or fixes around the house themselves. Many homeowners don’t realize what they are in for until it is too late and although we have heard many great DIY stories we’ve also come across the DIY horror stories as well.

The trick is to know when you can do it yourself and when you should call a professional. Going with a professional is not always more expensive, especially when you factor in how long it would take you to do the same job and how to handle unexpected complications.

We’ve compiled a list of DIY projects you can complete yourself and how to know which ones you should leave for the professionals.

DIY is always cheaper

This is not a straight yes or no answer. If you’re planning on doing a smaller project like backsplash tile, changing door handles, or fixing a small hole in your wall, with a bit of time spent on researching the best route to do these projects, yes you can save money. However, on a larger project like renovating your kitchen or making your main floor have an open concept look doing it yourself can be a costly mistake.

You are not a contractor and can’t tell which walls are necessary to keep in order to keep your house standing and taking out the wrong wall can cost you more than the entire project would have cost to begin with. We always like to say if the project you are planning is tricky and requires moving or work around plumbing and electrical, it’s usually best to have a professional complete the project for you.

Buying Your Own Materials Saves Money

You may be able to find materials that are slightly less expensive than the materials your contractor wants to use, which you may think is really good and a great way to cut down some costs on your renovation project. But what you may not be thinking about is that the quality of the products your contractor uses may be better quality than the stuff you get from the big box stores.

This may not be an issue for you, and you may not think that it’ll matter because you can just replace it later when and if it breaks with another because it wasn’t that expensive. This could work, although when the item breaks you’ll have to call in the contractor that did the install to replace it, and that will cost you every time it needs replacing. Going with the materials that the contractor uses will last you longer and when the time comes to replace it, it is usually under warranty and won’t cost you a thing to replace.

You ALWAYS Need a Permit

No matter how big or small your project is if it includes moving plumbing, electrical, or an HVAC system you’ll need a permit. If you building a deck off the back of your house, you’ll need a permit. If you’re developing your basement, guess what, you need a permit. Even for small renovations you may not think will need a permit, it never hurts to go and ask your cities building department. Yes, this can be a timely process, but we can assure you it’s worth the time.

Having a permit for every renovation project you do not only ensures you’re not forced to tear down what you just did and waste all that time and money, but it also helps if you plan on selling your house in the future. Potential buyers can see that the job is done right and they won’t have to deal with any issues once they move in.

Have a plan

The best time to save money on a renovation project is during the planning phase. Taking the time and properly planning out your project could save you thousands in the end, and an experienced and educated designer or architect can help you plan your project out and let you know what to expect. A designer or architect can also let you know any expected or unexpected issues that you may run into throughout your project so you can have a plan and an emergency budget set aside for these unexpected issues.

Planning out your project will also save you money in the sense that your contractor’s workers won’t be sitting around doing anything while they wait for permits or your decision about what to start on next. If your project could possibly take up a lot of time, spend the time and money to have a designer or architect help you plan out your renovation project. It will save you time and possibly thousands of dollars.

Call the Professionals

Whenever you are planning on starting a renovation project no matter how big or small, it is always a good idea to have a professional in and give you a quote. Whether you are planning on doing the project yourself or you are shopping around for a good contractor for the job, knowing what you’re in for is always the best way to start a project.

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