DIY Myths

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Common DIY Home Improvement Myths

The DIY trend has been consistently increasing year after year with most homeowners now always wanting to do renovation projects or fixes around the house themselves. Many homeowners don’t realize what they are in for until it is too late and although we have heard many great DIY stories we’ve also come across the DIY horror stories as well.
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11 Ways to Save Money on Your Utilities – Part 1

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Lowering Your Heating Bill

How many times have you thought about moving to a warmer climate during this time of year? The idea is very appealing to a lot of people, but it’s not always an option. As the cold weather and snowfall sets in, in many parts of the country, homeowners are dreading the increase in monthly costs.
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How to Enjoy your Backyard in Fall & Winter

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Backyards Shouldn’t Be Seasonal

With the cooler weather here, now is usually when everyone starts packing up their backyard furniture and getting the outside of their homes ready for winter. One thing we all dread is not being able to use our backyards that many of us have spent most of our summer fixing and making it a space that you and your family want to spend time in and enjoy. As the winter weather starts to approach we often forget about how important our backyards have become to us and our families and big a role it played in our lives these past months.
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Getting the Most from your Home and Property

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Need more living space?

Even if you don’t already have a deck or patio, as long as you have extra space on your property you can always convert that to additional living space. Sunspace Sunrooms’ products come in a variety of configurations and versions and are incredibly modular. For example, you may have never even considered the fact that what is currently your deck can be transformed in a short amount of time into the home office of your dreams!
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Why You Should Have a Sunroom


Have you been considering adding a Sunroom to your home but have questions like:

“What kind of Sunroom do I want?”

“What’s the difference between the different models?”

Like many others, questions are just part of the process of adding a Sunroom to your home. Canton Aluminum knows this and will be there to help you through each step of the process.
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How Does WeatherMaster Stack Up?

WeatherMaster Windows

WeatherMaster Windows – one of Sunspace Sunrooms most popular products, and one we’re most proud of. We believe it’s the cornerstone of our sunrooms and one of the reasons they’ve been so popular. But as a homeowner, you may find yourself interested in home improvement, or installing an addition to your house, or renovating your current patio, carport, or open garage. You may ask yourself what product should I buy? What brand should I chose? Well we’d like to take a little time to show you how WeatherMaster stacks up against the competition.
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