Commercial Services

Commercial Services by Canton Aluminum

Canton Aluminum offers Commercial services for all your business needs. Your business can get the same benefits from new siding, windows, and sunrooms as your home. We have happily helped many businesses in the Stark County area enhance their restaurants, office spaces, golf courses, and shops with our products and services.

Grow Your Business with a Screened Patio or Awning
Have a space that’s only usable by your business a few months out of the year or suffer from bright sunlight in your restaurant or waiting room? Add a screened room, our versatile 4-track windows, or an awning to expand your hours and bring comfort to your guests year round. See our gallery of work to get inspiration for your business.

Save Money, Gain Comfort, and Reduce Noise with New Siding and Windows
Your office building may be costing you money in hefty utility bills or causing discomfort for your customers or employees. Upgrading or replacing old siding and windows can make your building and business more efficient, while providing the added benefit of comfort and noise reduction for your guests.

Other Services Offered

We offer these services and more to commercial properties and businesses in the Northeast Ohio area, including:

With over 60 years of experience, our experts can find the right solution for your business. Give us a call or contact us today for a free estimate for your commercial project.

Some of Our Commercial Projects