Condensation on Windows

picture of a window with condensation

How Did I Get Condensation on My Windows?

When windows get a little foggy from condensation, there is no cause for alarm. Condensation is just moisture that collects on cool surfaces around your home. Many different factors cause this effect, including hot showers, house plants, clothes dryers, and even your own breath.

Condensation may form inside, outside, or in between window panes. While usually linked with colder weather, it can also happen in the spring or summer. Most people notice condensation shortly after turning the heat on in the fall.

What Is Condensation?

Humid air contains a lot of water. In its gas form, water is invisible until it touches something cold. Once this happens, the vapor condenses into fine droplets or mist.

In winter, windows are the coldest surface in a house, so that’s where condensation tends to occur. Newly installed windows often become foggy or appear to “sweat.” A strong seal allows less air to escape outside, which is why condensation collects on the glass.

Window Condensation Prevention

Managing window condensation is difficult because many household tasks, like running the dishwasher or dryer, release moisture into the air. Foggy windows are far more common when indoor temperatures are vastly different from the weather outside.

To keep excessive condensation from forming, try these methods:

  • Crack windows while you’re cooking dinner. Leaving them open for about 10 minutes after a shower will also help.
  • Buy a dehumidifier to control moisture inside the home.
  • Avoid overwatering house plants.
  • Ensure all vents are in good working order, especially in the laundry room and bathrooms.

Foggy windows on cold days are completely normal. However, too much condensation may result in peeling paint, water stains, or wall discoloration. In some extreme cases, mold or mildew may develop, which can become a serious health hazard.

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