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Backyards Shouldn’t Be Seasonal

With the cooler weather here, now is usually when everyone starts packing up their backyard furniture and getting the outside of their homes ready for winter. One thing we all dread is not being able to use our backyards that many of us have spent most of our summer fixing and making it a space that you and your family want to spend time in and enjoy. As the winter weather starts to approach we often forget about how important our backyards have become to us and our families and how big a role it played in our lives these past months.

With the colder weather, we are all dreading the fact that we will be spending more time indoors and not being able to enjoy all the hard work we just put into our backyards. We understand your frustrations! That’s why we have come up with some ways for you and your family to spend more time outdoors in the comfort and warmth of the indoors.

  1. Add to Existing Patio Covers & Screen Rooms

    If you spent your summer adding a Patio Cover or Screened Patio area, then converting it into a Sunroom will be that much easier to do. Yes, you didn’t have much time to enjoy your new Patio Cover and reap all its benefits, but converting your new Patio Cover or Screened Porch into a Three or Four Season Sunroom has many other benefits that you will be able to see instantly.

    Converting your Patio Cover to a Patio Enclosure is as simple as adding some walls and adding an insulated floor depending on the type of Sunroom you’re looking to add to your existing Patio Cover or Screened Enclosure. Closing your Patio will extend your enjoyment of your backyard and allow you to gain more space for holiday entertaining. Take more time to enjoy not only the beautiful sights the summer months have to offer but also the beautiful scenery not many of us get to enjoy during the Fall and Winter months.

    If you are looking to warm up your existing Screen Room then the job is even easier, all you’ll need to do is add our WeatherMaster Windows to the inside of your Screen Room. Adding the windows to your Screen Room will help you enjoy some added space through most of the fall season. Depending on how you keep your Sunroom warm as the weather gets cooler you may be able to enjoy your newly enclosed room into early winter. Adding windows to your already Screened Room not only has its benefits during the cooler months but you are also able to enjoy more of the summer months. Ever have your children want to be outside on a rainy or super-hot day? With the WeatherMaster windows, you can choose how much ventilation you want in your new Sunroom.

  2. Winterize Your Sunroom

    If you already have a Sunroom then all you’ll need to worry about is making your Sunroom ready for the cold weather. You can “winterize” your Sunroom easily by simply adding in some additional heat sources and going through your Sunroom and fixing any cracks or holes there may be.

    If you’re looking to make your Sunroom a more permanent room that you and your family spend time in, then finding more suitable heat sources should be your focus. Adding a fireplace to your Sunroom can go a long way, especially when you are looking to use your Sunroom as one of your main living spaces. Small simple additions in your Sunroom can keep you and your family warm while you’re enjoying the bright changing colors of the fall leaves or while you’re watching the very first snowfall.

  3. Add a 3 or 4 Season Sunroom

    Converting your outdoor space into a Three or Four Season Sunroom may be easier than you may think. The added benefits of adding a Three or Four Season Sunroom to your home are endless, but picking the correct Sunroom to suit you and your family’s needs may be the tricky part.

    To find out how to choose the right Sunroom for you and your family checkout Why you Should Have a Sunroom.

    Differences in Types of Sunrooms
    The differences between a Three Season Sunroom and a Four Season Sunroom are only a few things, but the differences between the two Sunrooms can mean enjoying your Sunroom all year round or just enjoying it from Spring to Fall.

    If you don’t have time to read through our other article about which Sunroom is right for you, no problem we’ve got a quick overview of the differences between a Three Season Sunroom and a Four Season Sunroom.

    A Four Season Sunroom comes with double glazed high efficiency, Low e-argon gas Glass Windows, and the Sunspace Thermal Roof System. Both Sunrooms come with the solid ThermaDeck insulated flooring that ensures both rooms will have warm insulated flooring. Although the 3 Season Sunroom does not have insulated windows or roof, there are ways to keep your Sunroom warm long enough to enjoy the beginning of winter.

  4. Enjoy the Snow!

    Alternatively, you can bundle your family up and enjoy the beautiful winter wonderland. Consider different winter activities for your family to enjoy in your backyard, this will not only keep your family active during the winter, but it will keep your family spending more time together. Many families already enjoy spending time outdoors during the winter, why not enjoy the beautiful sights and season.

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