Have you been considering adding a Sunroom to your home but have questions like:

“What kind of Sunroom do I want?”

“What’s the difference between the different models?”

Like many others, questions are just part of the process of adding a Sunroom to your home. Canton Aluminum knows this and will be there to help you through each step of the process.

Benefits of Adding a Sunroom

  • Added Space and Increased Natural Light
    Why might you want to add a Sunroom to your home? The most obvious answer that jumps out is the added living space it creates. The beauty of the windowed system lets natural light enter your home. This added space can be used for many different things and is sure to be one of your favorite spaces in your home.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Yes, adding a Sunroom to your home can help you reduce your utility bills, especially during the winter. Sunlight will naturally warm up your Sunroom and insulate that side of your home.
  • Improve Your Health
    How can a Sunroom improve your health? It’s actually very simple, with natural Vitamin D! During the winter, we don’t get out into the sun very often because the weather often prevents us from wanting to leave the warmth of our home. With a Sunroom you won’t have to face the cold to make sure you are getting enough natural vitamin D from the sun, just head into your Sunroom and soak up the sun!
  • Increased Value
    The Sunroom you choose will all depend on how much your new Sunroom will increase the value of your home! Increasing the square footage of your living space will increase your home’s value, plus it gives the next homeowner a unique reason to purchase your home over another. This give’s your home a competitive advantage in tough markets.


Multi-Purpose Room

Your newly added Sunroom has a wide range of uses and depending on your needs the sky is the limit! Transform your Sunroom into a:

  • Home Office
  • Indoor Greenhouse
  • Outdoor Living Room
  • Playroom
  • Yoga Room

Sunroom Options

To get you started, we’ve put together a quick and easy list of some main differences between our Sunroom models along with the benefits and uses for each.

We carry the complete Sunroom line from Sunspace Sunrooms, which includes four different Sunroom models, ranging from the Model 100 Screen Room to the Model 400 Insulated Sunroom.

  • Model 100 Screen Room
    Like the name states, this is a Sunroom that is a Screen Room with durable Sunspace Screens along all walls from ceiling to floor. This Sunroom is the perfect addition to your home if you just want to have an outdoor space with some added protection from the elements and insects. Sunspace Model 100 Screen Rooms offer stylish design options, full ventilation and can be installed directly onto an existing patio or deck.
  • Model 200 WeatherMaster Sunroom
    This model includes all the quality of the Model 100 Screen Room with the addition of our WeatherMaster window system. This will give you the option of a breezy screen room, or safety from the elements much like an enclosed porch. The model 200 is a very popular model for porch conversions.
  • Model 300 Three Season Sunroom
    This Sunroom is for the homeowner looking to add additional living space to your home. With insulated floors and windows, enjoy your Sunroom living space from early spring to late fall. Great way to add an additional room to your cottage. Install over an existing patio, porch or even carport!
  • Model 400 Insulated Sunroom
    The model 400 is like adding an addition to your home that can be used all year round! Use it as an extra bedroom or your home office and enjoy the beauties of the season all year. This Sunroom is a step up from the Model 300 Three Season Sunroom.

For more information, tips, and design ideas for your new Sunspace Sunroom, give us a call or contact us to speak with one of our experts today! We will help you through the entire process for your Sunroom and answer any and all of your questions.

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