Valentines Day “Renovation” Ideas

Valentines day ideas

Alternative Valentines Day Gift Ideas

With Valentines Day just around the corner, why not switch things up this year? Surprise her (or him) with a bedroom remodel to give your room a facelift! Not many of us are very interested in working on Valentines day, and for most of us we’d rather be out at a fancy restaurant eating deliciously prepared food. Here’s how you can spruce up your bedroom this Valentine’s Day without going overboard.

Okay so maybe doing a complete bedroom remodel may be out of the question, but we have put together a great list of ways you can spruce up your bedroom in a jiffy!

  • Love Pillows: You can never have too many pillows on your bed, so why not add a few more? This is something you can get done ahead of time and throw them in last minute! First, you’ll need to plan what else you want to do with your room and then decide on the style of pillows, you want to make sure that they will match your vision. This is a great way to have something you can always remember this Valentines day with every time you head to bed.
  • Colors: While the typical Valentines Day colors are usually red and pink, there’s nothing wrong with using different colors. Choose your favorites and incorporate these colors into your room.
  • Shelves: You can never have too many places to display your favorite memories or books, so why not add some curvy shelves? Not only will it help you make your room more organized but it adds a splash of fun to your room! Don’t look for the typical rectangular shaped shelves, try looking for some shelves with curves or a unique look to them!

Need More Ideas?
There are many ways you can spruce up your bedroom and surprise your loved one this Valentines Day. Maybe make it a couple’s event where the two of you work together to spruce up your room.

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