The Ultimate Statement Piece: Doors

Canton Aluminum Doors

Choosing Door Colors

They may not be bright or colorful, but statement pieces are often bold and unique. They are also likely the first thing people notice on your outfit, or in this case your home. Canton Aluminum offers a variety of entry doors that enhance your curb appeal, security, and energy efficiency.

Entry doors allow guests a preview of what lays inside. One of the most difficult choices is deciding on the right color and style for your home that accentuates the architectural beauty.

Door Color Options

Here is what your color choice says about your home:

  • RED: Represents energy, passion, confidence, and determination. If you are looking for your door to say, “Welcome world!” this is the color for you.
  • YELLOW: Represents optimism, curiosity, and cheerfulness. This is your door’s way of saying, “Come and explore!”
  • BLUE: Represents calmness and trust. This sends your guests feelings of abundance and prosperity.
  • BROWN: Represents a feeling of comfort, warmth, and stability. It is your front door’s way of giving your guests a heart-felt hug as they walk in.
  • PURPLE: Represents imagination and big dreams. This tells your guests and neighbors that you are open to life’s opportunities.

Canton Aluminum also offers a large variety of patio, storm, security, and specialty doors. Please give us a call or contact us for more information on how to find the right door for your home.