Three Ways to Make More Space in Your Place with a Sunroom

picture of a sunroom

Create More Space!

Tired of feeling like your living in a cramped fishbowl? Bring your head above water and let the fresh air into your home or cottage by adding a bright and breezy extension. Canton Aluminum strives to make their customers feel comfortable and spacious in their everyday life. Here are three ways to make more space in your place:

  1. Screen Room
    Transform your porch into a Sunspace Sunroom Screen Room and give yourself that extra living space you’ve been waiting for. This room will allow you to wake up every morning to the smell of morning dew and the feeling of the cool fresh breeze on your cheeks. You can customize your screen to suit your needs and is only a fraction of the cost compared to more traditional additions.
  2. Three Season Sunroom
    Add a Three Season Sunspace Sunroom to your home and create a space closer to nature. You can choose to have vertical 4-track windows, horizontal side sliders, or a Three Season Glass Sunroom for an even clearer view. This extra living space will allow you to feel relaxed all through spring, summer, and fall!
  3. Four Season Sunroom
    Four Season Sunspace Sunrooms have the ability to be heated or cooled allowing you to enjoy your extra space all year round! This affordable expansion will increase the value of your home, give you more entertaining room for guests and give your home the extra square footager you have been searching for.

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