Maximize Your 3 Season Room This Winter

winterized sunroom photo

All Season Rooms

Although all season rooms are becoming more and more popular today, many of the already existing sunrooms are a 3 Season Sunroom. Maybe you’d like to upgrade your 3 Season Sunroom into an All Season Sunroom? A great way to extend the enjoyment of your 3 season room this winter is fairly simple, just add some heat.

  • Windows

    Similar to a car, your 3 Season Sunroom windows are single-paned so although they may not be insulated you can still stay very warm and cozy in your Sunroom. When the sun is out shining bright your Sunroom will be nice and warm inside and all you may need to add is a couple of blankets and a good book, then you’re all set to enjoy your Sunroom on a cold winter day.

  • Heating

    Make sure if you decide to use a heater to keep your 3 Season room a little warmer this winter you keep the moisture out of the room, the best way to heat your 3 Season Sunroom is with a ceramic, baseboard, or convection heater to keep the air moving slowly through the room and always keep your patio door closed.

  • Maximize Enjoyment

    There are many benefits to having an all season Sunroom, but there are always other ways to extend the enjoyment of your 3 Season Sunroom without having to upgrade to an all season Sunroom. Try out a couple of these before considering moving up to an all season Sunroom.

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