How Does WeatherMaster Stack Up?

WeatherMaster Windows

WeatherMaster Windows – one of Sunspace Sunrooms most popular products, and one we’re most proud of. We believe it’s the cornerstone of our sunrooms and one of the reasons they’ve been so popular. But as a homeowner, you may find yourself interested in home improvement, or installing an addition to your house, or renovating your current patio, carport, or open garage. You may ask yourself what product should I buy? What brand should I chose? Well we’d like to take a little time to show you how WeatherMaster stacks up against the competition.

Modular Window Systems

Compared to other brands, WeatherMaster Windows have some unique and neat features which set it apart- namely nylon tracking springs, interchangeability of windows, and overall, a much cleaner and simpler installation. The biggest benefit that comes with purchasing a WeatherMaster system is the technical know-how that comes with the expert representatives who will follow you through the installation process from start to finish, causing absolutely no stress to you as a homeowner.

Whether you own (or are looking to own) Eze-breeze windows, WeatherMaster Windows, or another brand, one thing all window systems have in common: they are all an excellent choice for opening up a room to the scenery outside. Allowing all of the outdoor beauty inside, while keeping out pests like insects, animals, and mother nature’s little annoyances such as wind or rain. Other brands also provide up to 75% ventilation, but only WeatherMaster windows allows you to utilize window panes in virtually any configuration: up, down, stacked in the middle, or any other combination. It’s up to your own personal preference.

WeatherMaster Windows – Do They Last?

One of the main advantages we’ve noticed with WeatherMaster Windows is their durability– our panels are made with View Flex Vinyl Glazing, which is incredibly durable. It’s easily stronger than glass and more durable and long lasting than other brands you’ll find on the market who use different variations of vinyl. With 6 types of screens available, you can modify your window system to your needs. Need something more durable for kids and pets? Try our Tuff screens for even more enhanced durability.

On top of a long-lasting strong product, we also provide support and customer care. In the instance where your project does not fit your exact needs or specifications, or if you have any issues or concerns with your install or the status of your windows, don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our officially trained Sunspace Sunrooms representatives will gladly assist you however we can until we make your dreams a reality.

It’s not uncommon for us to show up at a customer’s location for a free estimate and they end up asking if they could have their other, older window system replaced with a more durable longer-lasting WeatherMaster system.

Ease of Installation/Use

With other brands, especially when it comes to DIY installation, even when window units are installed properly, they can become difficult to operate over time. You can have issues sliding panels up or down and they may seem ‘sticky’ or tough to move. That is never the case with WeatherMaster Windows, as they are free flowing and easy to slide, always.

WeatherMaster windows are Interchangeable windows! Any panel can be popped out of place. All WeatherMaster window panels are uniform in size and thus totally interchangeable; Unlike Eze-breeze the sizes, which are staggered and linear. In addition to interchangeability, our window systems are also Modular. They come in 4, 8, or 12 vent systems for larger openings. Both vertical and horizontal panels can be 3, or 4 panel depending on the width.

Another advantage of WeatherMaster Windows is that unlike other brands, they’re quieter. If you like high-pitched squeaking as you try to move your windows, the other brands may be for you. Even if your other brand window does not initially squeak, over time and through weathering, it likely will. If you’re interested in not hearing a squeak while opening windows, you should seriously consider WeatherMaster Windows.

Built/Installed to Last for Years

We pride ourselves in having a product that will last you and your family for years. The other brands are offering window panels which slowly chew up and eat away at the aluminum frames keeping them in place, and most homeowners aren’t looking to replace their window frames prior to needing to replace their window systems. It’s simply a smarter choice to purchase a WeatherMaster Window system from the start and not regret your other brand choice down the road.

WeatherMaster Windows are simply easier to install and replace. When it comes to complexity, the other brands can have up to 15 little moving pieces easily accessible and replaceable, which adds a large amount of time when it comes to repairing existing other brand window units. With WeatherMaster Windows, there’s only one external part and it’s two small springs–not even visible in the window frame.

Located on the outside of the frame, a robust screw flange allowing for easy installation of additional insulation whenever required.

Installation is a breeze with WeatherMaster Windows!

Multitude of Choices

If you enjoy customization, you’ll love the features and choices we have available for WeatherMaster Windows, many of which other brands do not have. Our smoke gray vinyl is a panel tint that you can’t get with Eze-breeze. When you stack our window panels together with smoke gray, they have the added benefit of allowing the panels to function as a group to help block the sun– let the cool breeze in without getting scorched and blinded.

Thanks to WeatherMaster Windows’ easy to install nature, they are just as easy to remove and clean. Simply apply pressure to the left of the window panel and gently pull the panel out– it will slide out that easily. Clean your windows with whatever level of detail you prefer, then just slide your windows panels back in effortlessly– a task not so simple with other brands.

Experts That Care

There are many options on the market when considering converting a patio or deck into an enclosed space. Make sure you make an informed decision based on what suits your lifestyle and the level of effort and maintenance you’d like to manage around the home. WeatherMaster Windows always come with the expertise and knowledge of the Sunspace Sunrooms staff, so you know when you buy Sunspace Sunrooms product, you’re buying a product that lasts, and the knowledge to make it last even longer.

If you feel your windows are in need of some improvement, or if you have a deck or patio you want converted into an amazing and enjoyable indoor-outdoor living space for the whole family, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts here at Canton Aluminum. We’d love to help you realize your home renovation plans, no matter the scale.