Doors, Doors, Doors

snow covered home photo

Efficiency Starts at the Door

This month at Canton Aluminum we are all about finding ways to help save you money this winter. Now we’ve covered roofs, your Sunroom, the outside of your home, and windows. The very last thing you need to help save you money this winter and keep you warm is changing your doors. Many homeowners don’t think they can be losing a lot of money on an old front or back door, when in reality even the smallest of space between the floor and your door could be costing you hundreds of dollars during the winter.

Not So Small Drafts

Although it may not seem like there is a lot of cold air getting in your house through that small space under your door, that small amount of air can add up to costing you a lot of money. If both your front door and back door have a small space that is letting in cold air that means you are losing even more money, because now you have created a way for the cold air to flow through your house.

Updating or even just fixing up your front and back doors can help save you a lot of money this winter. Canton Aluminum has a wide range of various doors to choose from if you are looking to replace your door, or try adding a storm door to your existing door for some added protection.

Contact or call us today for other great tips and ways to keep your house warmer this winter while saving you more money. Visit our doors page for more information on all of our door systems.