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Multipurpose Sunrooms

As summer comes to an end it can be hard to let go of all the beautiful gardens you spent so much time tending to. All the hours, money, hard work and dedication you put into making your garden great, can sometimes make you feel defeated. Especially, as mother nature comes in with her swift, northerly winds of autumn and steals your flowers for another year. Except, for those who have a Sunspace Four Season Sunroom by Canton Aluminum.

For those with a Four Season Sunspace Sunroom, summer never has to end. Four Season Sunrooms allow you the luxury of moving the outside, in. Giving you a warm, sun-filled space to enjoy all winter long.

Sunspace’s Four Season Sunrooms by Canton Aluminum are an affordable and effortless expansion that not only extends your living space and adds value to your home but also gives you the illusion that you are outdoors all winter long.

Setting Up a Sunroom Garden

Below are some ideas on how to bring your garden indoors for you to enjoy during even the coldest of months:

  1. Although not all plants should be pulled from the ground many smaller herbs such as basil, parsley, oregano, and cilantro do really well indoors. Remember to dig up the whole root system to ensure a safe transfer.
  2. You can take some good clippings of most vegetables and regrow them inside.
  3. Most perennial flowers are great to replant indoors, again make sure to dig up the entire root system. Some beautiful perennials to add color to your sunroom are; Peruvian Lilies, Gloriosa Daisies, Lavender, and Chrysanthemums. Remember that perennials do not bloom all year, but you can find some with longer flower lives.
  4. Hibiscuses are a great flower to have indoors in the winter as their flowers are bright and colorful. Remember that hibiscuses do not need as much water in the winter and should only be watered when the soil is dry to touch.

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