SlideClear Screen Solutions for Doors, Windows, and Patios

Sideclear Retractable Screens

Canton Aluminum is pleased to offer SlideClear Retractable Screens for large openings in your home or business such as doorways, windows, framed openings on balconies, or patios. These pleated screens offer a solution for spaces that need an open feel while still providing a light, non-obtrusive barrier.

SlideClear Screens are pleated and made from P. E. T. quality mesh, which makes them three times more durable than traditional screens. Plus, the revolutionary tracking system is extremely low profile at just 1/8th of an inch. The patented tension system adds additional durability, making these screens perfect for high traffic areas.

Canton Aluminum experts can install these screens for openings up to 10 feet tall and 32 feet wide. With no framing needed to support the screen along the track, large openings are preserved without barriers. The screen also stays put where you want it, unlike spring-loaded retractable screens which can “snap” back inconveniently.

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