How Does WeatherMaster Stack Up?

WeatherMaster Windows

WeatherMaster Windows – one of Sunspace Sunrooms most popular products, and one we’re most proud of. We believe it’s the cornerstone of our sunrooms and one of the reasons they’ve been so popular. But as a homeowner, you may find yourself interested in home improvement, or installing an addition to your house, or renovating your current patio, carport, or open garage. You may ask yourself what product should I buy? What brand should I chose? Well we’d like to take a little time to show you how WeatherMaster stacks up against the competition.
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Why Replace Windows?

Quit Throwing Money Out the Window!

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Benefits & Reasons to Upgrade Windows

If you have outdated windows, they’re likely costing you hundreds of dollars each year in elevated heating and cooling costs. When it’s cold outside, as it is during Ohio winters, rooms get drafty and you have to crank the heat to warm things up. In the summer, your A/C may be blasting, but hot air still creeps in.

Energy Efficient Windows

Fortunately, Canton Aluminum has a variety of double and triple pane options designed to reduce temperature fluctuations, so your heating and cooling systems work more efficiently.

Upgraded Curb Appeal

Window replacement improves your house’s curb appeal, muffle outside noises, and increase home security. Our expert installation team can paint exteriors to match your home’s existing color scheme. A simple update can help transform your home into a lovely and comfortable living environment.

Give us a call or contact us to learn more about how replacing your windows can pay for themselves in energy savings.

Specialty Windows

Specialty Windows Gallery

View our specialty windows projects that we have completed throughout the years.

Benefits of Specialty Windows

Canton Aluminum offers specialty windows in bay and bow styles, in addition to garden windows. A gently arched bow window or an angled bay window can make your home feel bigger and brighter. Specialty windows add architectural interest to the exterior of a home and bring in the beauty of the outdoors.

  • Bay Windows
    Bay windows are made up of three sashes that are angled to project from the exterior of your home. Typically the middle sash is a picture window that doesn’t open and the side sashes are double hung or casement windows.
  • Bow Windows
    Bow windows are similar to bay windows, but they typically have at least four sashes and are much less angled. These window installations have a more rounded look, and project gradually from the exterior of your home.
  • Garden Windows
    Garden windows are similar to bay and bow windows as they extend from the wall to the exterior of your home, but they are usually square or rectangular in shape. Garden windows get their names because they are often used to allow sunlight to reach potted plants or herbs. These functional windows typically have sliding sides to offer ventilation into the home.

Canton Aluminum offers double and triple pane specialty windows for energy saving efficiency. If you’d like to select sashes for your bay or bow window design, check out our window types.

Feeling a bit unsure as to what type of window would work best for your home? Contact us or visit our showroom to view the different window types offered by Canton Aluminum.

Picture Windows

Picture Windows Gallery

Take a look through some of our most recent Picture Windows projects.

Benefits and Options

Large picture windows are perfect for experiencing the outdoors. With the narrowest frames of all our window styles, this type offers the least obstructed, picture-perfect view. Since they don’t open, they are also the most energy efficient window type.

At Canton Aluminum, our expert window installers can increase the size of your current picture window or combine it with double hung, casement, or sliding windows. With these options, you’ll never have to sacrifice beauty or functionality.

Canton Aluminum also offers double and triple pane options for energy saving efficiency. If you are interested in combining your picture window with another style, check out the other window types available for your home.

Looking for inspiration? Visit our showroom to see the full line of replacement windows offered by Canton Aluminum. Give us a call or contact us today to receive a free in-home estimate.

Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows Gallery

View some of our Sliding Windows projects we’ve successfully installed.

Benefits of Sliding Windows

Sliding windows feature a simple design with proven performance. These windows are extremely versatile, fitting seamlessly into any room. They work best in window spaces that are wider than they are tall, so they have plenty of room to slide.

Simple elegance, energy efficiency, and secure locks make these windows a great choice for any home. This window system allows the interior design and external architecture of your house to take center stage, while they provide beautiful natural light.

With two sashes that slide horizontally, Canton Aluminum’s sliding windows allow breezes in from all directions. Tilt-N-Slide, our optional feature for these windows, allows sashes to swing in for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Get Started Today

Canton Aluminum offers double and triple pane sliding windows for energy saving efficiency. We also carry Health Smart Windows for family members with asthma or allergies.

Give us a call or contact us today to schedule your free in-home estimate and start enjoying the energy saving benefits of replacement windows from Canton Aluminum.

Casement & Awning Windows

Casement and Awning Windows Gallery

View the latest Casement and Awning Windows projects from Canton Aluminum.

Increased Efficiency

Canton Aluminum’s casement and awning windows outperform other window types in energy efficiency and style. With clean and simple lines, these windows perfectly complement modern home architecture.

Casement windows are hinged on the side and swing open with a hand crank located on the sill. They are adjustable, so you can open them wide for additional air flow, or keep them closed for energy efficiency. Canton Aluminum’s casement & awning windows also feature locks for increased home security.

Versatile Windows

A popular choice among homeowners, casement windows are considered the finest in window design and functionality. Their unique designs look great in:

  • Basements
  • Dining areas
  • Kitchens

Canton Aluminum offers double and triple pane casement & awning windows for energy saving efficiency, in addition to featuring tilting sashes for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Contact us to receive your free in-home replacement window estimate or visit our Canton, Ohio showroom to see our complete line of casement and awning windows.

Double Hung Windows

View our Double Hung Window Gallery

Check out all of our recent Double Hung Windows projects below.

Benefits and Options

Windows like the double hung style are typically found in bedrooms and bathrooms, although they work in almost any space. These windows are made up of two sashes, the top and bottom parts that slide up and down independently. They provide the ideal mix of style and functionality that every renovation needs, and these windows are perfect for smaller rooms because they don’t require any swing out space. They are both space saving and look beautiful added to any home.

Energy Efficiency

Canton Aluminum offers double and triple pane options as well for energy saving efficiency. These windows have sashes that tilt out for easy cleaning and we offer Health Smart Windows – perfect for family members with asthma or allergies.

Call or contact us to speak with one of our design installation specialists about replacement windows for your home.