Getting the Most from your Home and Property

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Need more living space?

Even if you don’t already have a deck or patio, as long as you have extra space on your property you can always convert that to additional living space. Sunspace Sunrooms’ products come in a variety of configurations and versions and are incredibly modular. For example, you may have never even considered the fact that what is currently your deck can be transformed in a short amount of time into the home office of your dreams!
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Horizontal Side Slider

Ease of Use Never Looked So Beautiful

Horizontal sliding windows are available in two-track and four-track versions, these full length panels move back and forth at the touch of a finger on corrosion-resistant nylon rollers. Like vertical 4 track windows, they can also be lifted out easily for storage or cleaning.

A Room Full of Possibilities

Horizontal sliding windows can be opened from either side resulting in infinite adjustment possibilities. Units come in sizes up to 108″ tall and 180″ wide, and are ideal for porch enclosures under existing roofs. Each adjustment means you can enjoy a warm breeze in the first bloom of spring, or stay snug watching the leaves change on a cool fall day.

Browse our gallery to learn more about horizontal slider windows and Three Seasons Sunrooms, or contact us today for a free Sunroom consultation.

3 Season Glass Sunroom

Three Seasons Glass Sunroom Gallery

Take a look at some of the Three Seasons Glass Sunrooms we have done.

Strength and Stability, Zero Maintenance

This room has two inch extruded insulated aluminum pillars with single glazed glass windows that allow strength, stability, and a maintenance free exterior. Each Three Seasons Glass Sunroom is custom built to fit your home’s unique style.

Add Value with Beautiful, Seamless Expansion

A Three Seasons Glass Sunroom seamlessly adds space to your home for entertaining, relaxation, or just a place to enjoy the outdoors indoors. And the added bonus? Bumping up your home’s value for the fraction of the cost of an addition.

Browse our gallery, learn more about Three Seasons Sunrooms, or contact us today for your free Sunroom consultation.

Vertical 4-Track Windows

Vertical 4-Track Windows Gallery

Take a look through our Vertical 4-Track Windows gallery to see some window systems we’ve successfully installed.

Best in Durability & Ventilation

A 4-Track vertical window system features:

  • Durable weather resistant vinyl glazing.
  • Extruded aluminum frames.
  • Strong mesh screens.

With the 4-Track system, the windows can be opened three-quarters of the way (as opposed to standard windows, which can only be opened halfway), providing you with 75% ventilation.

The best of both worlds

“Space” and “comfort” aren’t always qualities that are mentioned together, but a Sunroom made with vertical 4-track windows provides both. Enjoy the new space in your home with the comfort of shelter from the elements.

Learn more about the benefits of our 4-Track window system in this video:

Browse our gallery, learn more about Three season Sunrooms from Canton Aluminum, or contact us today for a free Sunroom consultation!

SlideClear Screen Solutions for Doors, Windows, and Patios

Sideclear Retractable Screens

Canton Aluminum is pleased to offer SlideClear Retractable Screens for large openings in your home or business such as doorways, windows, framed openings on balconies, or patios. These pleated screens offer a solution for spaces that need an open feel while still providing a light, non-obtrusive barrier.

SlideClear Screens are pleated and made from P. E. T. quality mesh, which makes them three times more durable than traditional screens. Plus, the revolutionary tracking system is extremely low profile at just 1/8th of an inch. The patented tension system adds additional durability, making these screens perfect for high traffic areas.

Canton Aluminum experts can install these screens for openings up to 10 feet tall and 32 feet wide. With no framing needed to support the screen along the track, large openings are preserved without barriers. The screen also stays put where you want it, unlike spring-loaded retractable screens which can “snap” back inconveniently.

Learn More About Sideclear Retractable Screens

Learn more about the details of this revolutionary new screen system here, then view the videos below!

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Screen Porches & Rooms

Screen Rooms Gallery

A Screen Room offers the perfect environment to capture nature’s moments. Browse our gallery or contact us today for a free Screen Room consultation. See some of the great Screen Rooms we’ve installed.

Who Says Customization Can’t be Affordable?

Screen enclosures are economical and custom-designed; built to suit your needs. Durable aluminum screen framing ensures that your screen room can handle the elements without warping.

A Step-by-Step Room

By designing your screen room with an insulated roof and aluminum framing, you can easily convert your screen room into a Sunroom at a later date. Either way, make it a space you enjoy for a fraction of the cost of a traditional addition. Browse our gallery or contact us today for a free screen room consultation.

Three Season Rooms

Three Seasons Rooms Gallery

Relax in style during the warm months in one of our three styles of Three Seasons Sunrooms. Browse our gallery and get inspired to start on your own addition.

View some of our latest Three Seasons Rooms that we have installed.

Three Seasons, Multiple Options

Be close to nature in the warmer Ohio months with the comfort of the indoors with a Three Seasons Sunroom from Canton Aluminum. Whether you choose vertical 4-track windows, a Three Seasons Glass Sunroom, or a horizontal side slider, enjoy the added living space of a home addition at a fraction of the cost.

Enjoy the “Best of”

Early spring and late fall are arguably two of the best times in Ohio. Between beautiful spring blooms and crisp leaves, enjoy the beauty of these seasons and everything in between protected from the elements and pests. Add entertaining space or even just a quiet respite away from the hustle and bustle of your busy home.

Whatever you decide, a Three Seasons Room allows you to enjoy the best of your home and the best of the outdoors.

Three Season Comfort, Year-Round Value

Relax through the spring, summer, and fall in a room designed to surround you with the outdoors. Choose between vertical 4-track windows, a Three Seasons Glass Sunroom, or horizontal side slider.

Not sure which Three Seasons Room is right for your home? Contact us today for your free Sunroom consultation!

Thermal Sunrooms

Thermal Sunrooms Gallery

Expand your living space and enjoy the comfort of a beautiful and bright glass Sunroom all year round with a Four Season Sunroom. Browse our Thermal Sunroom gallery to get design inspiration for your all season room project.

View images from our latest Four Season Rooms projects.

Affordable and Effortless Expansion

Yes, you can affordably and effortlessly expand your living space while adding beauty, comfort, functionality, and value to your home. Thermal Sunrooms are open and bright, and have the ability to be heated and cooled, giving you more space to enjoy being close to the outdoors, without being subject to fickle Ohio weather.

Redefine the “Living” Room

A Thermal Sunroom might just have you reconsidering which room in your home is really your “living” room. Thermal Sunrooms allow adults to sit in cool comfort while children play in the summer sunshine, give plenty of space to entertain guests comfortably year-round, and can even act as a way to tend to some of your favorite plants during the colder fall and winter months.

However you use your four season room, Canton Aluminum knows you’ll get the most out of your new space.

Year-Round Comfort, Year-Round Value

We’ve helped customers add comfort and value to their homes since 1952. Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free Sunroom consultation.