Shale Creek Window Addition, Medina Ohio

Commercial Window Replacement Increases Season


Canton Aluminum began our relationship with Granite Golf during construction of the clubhouse at The Quarry Golf Club in Canton in 2007. They had a large patio dining area overlooking the final hole and they wanted to extend their season of food and beverage service on the patio as well as provide a wind break for the patio guests.

We provided a window system for The Quarry that met their needs at a price that fit their budget. Granite Golf liked what we installed so much, they contacted us again when they were constructing their Shale Creek Golf Club in Medina in 2014.


Shale Creek, like The Quarry, also had a large patio dining area that faced the prevailing wind and the late afternoon sun. Due to the heat and exposure to the elements, the patio was only usable for food and beverage service for a few months of the year. Management either had to hope for great weather, or close service when it was bad; neither option was ideal for the business or its guests.


Canton Aluminum installed the same vertical four track window system at Shale Creek that we provided for The Quarry in 2007. We added a darker tint to Shale Creek’s 4-track windows to keep the area comfortable even in the direct summer sun.

This system allows the club to raise or lower windows throughout the room to provide protection from the elements or, alternatively, a feeling of open space or a soft spring breeze. The sturdy, vinyl glazed aluminum extruded frames and strong screens in our 4-track windows also provide durability that the business can count on for years to come.


Not only are the weather and heat issues eliminated for Shale Creek’s guests, our window system has increased their season by six weeks, which contributes to an additional 15% in sales for their food and beverage operations. Shale Creek also reports that they love that the windows can be opened and closed as needed, which creates even more flexibility for them in their business.

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