Pergola Cover at Portage Country Club


Portage Country Club is a private country club in Akron, Ohio that was established in 1894. They offer beautiful facilities and amenities for their members, including a golf course, pool, meeting rooms, dining areas, and more.


In 2008, the club built its Portage North Grille by remodeling the pool snack bar area and building a pergola. Unfortunately, every time it rained during the hot and humid Northeast Ohio summer, guests would hurry back inside, leaving the area unused and causing dining sales to plummet.


The country club began researching businesses who could quickly and easily solve the problem and discovered Canton Aluminum. We installed a cover on the pergola which still allows sunlight to come through while blocking heat and UV rays. Of course, the cover also keeps patrons dry, even when the weather isn’t. The solution was cost effective without changing the original aesthetic of the Grille.


Immediately, serviceable hours in the Grille increased. Robert LeFever, the country club’s general manager, reports that sales increased 42% in the first year that the cover was installed and says that the improvements from Canton Aluminum literally paid for themselves in the first month. He also says that the Portage North Grille now does 43% of all a la carte orders for the club during the three months it is open.

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