Akron Special Machinery


Akron Special Machinery (ASM) works to build tire uniformity and test equipment for airplanes. This Northeast Ohio company began as a simple “chop shop” in 1978, but has since grown to be a trusted, world-class designer in the tire industry.


While ASM has been in business since the late 70’s, its main building that houses the shop area is over 80 years old. As an old manufacturing building, the windows were not only dated, they also couldn’t open, and were nearly opaque and let in very little natural light.

Temperatures in the shop area fluctuated wildly, rendering the shop quite cold or uncomfortably warm, depending on the season. Plus, since the building’s windows are located high up on the open, lofted second floor, the lack of light filtering through the floors’ center into the shop made the short days of fall and winter feel especially gloomy for employees.


ASM previously worked with Canton Aluminum to replace windows in its office area, so it was an easy choice to bring the experts out again for the old shop windows. Canton Aluminum measured each opening carefully and assessed ASM’s specific needs. Shortly thereafter, Canton Aluminum’s in-house installation experts installed 48 custom-sized, perfectly clear, sliding windows.


Employees immediately rejoiced at the increased natural light streaming through the shop. During warm spring and summer months, the windows open to circulate a cooling breeze into the work area. Temperature control is markedly better, but the biggest, most welcome change is that employees are much happier in what is now a well-lit and comfortable work area.

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