Damage Repair

Your home’s exterior takes the brunt of all the weather we experience. Canton Aluminum’s expert team of installers and damage repair technicians are able to repair damage due to an assortment of issues.

Northeast Ohio’s changing weather means conditions from damaging winds, hail, and freezing and thawing. Has your love of sports added a dent from an errant golf ball or baseball? Have you paid too much attention to the food on the grill instead of the extreme heat’s effect on your siding? Unfortunately, even vandalism is a cause for repair. If left untreated, damaged siding or roofs can let in moisture, leading to structural damage, mold or mildew.

Life happens, so enjoy it while you let Canton Aluminum’s professional repair team fix your damage efficiently and expertly. We are able to coordinate solutions in line with your insurance company’s coverage or work directly with you to formulate a repair plan. Contact us today to speak with a representative about how Canton Aluminum can help repair your home’s damage.