The Importance of Downspouts

Downspouts help complete your gutter systems, collecting water and draining it away from your home. If water pours over your gutters, it can enter your home through the walls, roof, and foundation. This unwanted water can cause structural damage and flooding in your crawlspace, basement, or cellar.
image of a downspout installation

When to Replace Downspouts

If your downspout is loose, building up with leaves, or dripping after it stops raining, you should consider replacing your downspout. It is also a good idea to replace downspouts if you are upgrading your gutters or siding, as they will likely have to be removed anyway.

Downspouts help preserve the safety, infrastructure, and curb appeal of your home. Ask a member of our expert staff about our downspout options during a free consultation, or contact us today to get started.