Carports & Step Down Awnings

Carports Gallery

Our carports are permanent structures that offer protection from the elements while allowing ultimate ventilation.

Carports by Canton Aluminum

Canton Aluminum can design a freestanding carport for you or one that can be attached to an existing structure.

Carport Options
They are fully customizable to suit your home and vehicle protection needs. Options include:

  • Freestanding
  • Two-vehicle
  • Winged
  • Many others

We specially tailor each carport for our customers, ensuring they fulfill every customer’s vehicle storage needs.

How They Are Built
Canton Aluminum’s carports are carefully crafted with heavy-duty aluminum, which do not rust and require little to no maintenance. This offers a custom and economical way to protect cars from weather and sun damage.

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Step Down Awnings Gallery

Canton Aluminum also offers a variety of Step Down Awnings.

Step Down Awnings by Canton Aluminum

Our aluminum awnings offer the utmost protection and strength against the changing weather elements of Northeast Ohio. These sturdy awnings are customized and installed by Canton Aluminum’s expert team.

Awning Benefits
Available in an array of satin-finished colors, our step-down awnings are made to:

  • Blend with your home.
  • Offer greater protection against wind, rain, and snow.
  • Reduce energy costs.

Awnings increase your home’s heating and cooling efficiency by blocking high summer sun rays and allowing the lower winter sun’s rays to enter your home.

Awning Materials
Step down aluminum awnings will not rot, and with proper care will resist fading. This makes our aluminum awnings a great cost effective and maintenance-free addition to your home.

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