Why You Should Have a Sunroom

Have you been considering adding a Sunroom to your home but are still left with so many questions like, “what kind of Sunroom do I want?” and “what are the differences between the different models?”. Like many others this is all part of the process of adding a Sunroom to your home. Canton Aluminum will help you through each step of the process from the consideration of a Sunroom to helping you find a Sunroom that best suits you, your family and homes needs.

We’ve put together a quick & easy list of some main differences between our different Sunroom models, the benefits & uses for each and some benefits of adding a Sunroom to your home.

Model 100 Sunroom to Model 400 Sunroom, what do these mean?

We carry the complete Sunroom line from Sunspace Sunrooms, which includes 4 different Sunroom models, ranging from the Model 100 Screen Room to the Model 400 Insulated Sunroom. But what are the differences between all 4 models?

Model 100 Screen Room

Like the name states this is a Sunroom that is a Screen Room with the durable Sunspace Screens along all walls from ceiling to floor. This Sunroom is the perfect addition for your home if you just want to have an outdoor space with some added protection from the elements & insects. You can use this room as an outdoor playroom for your children or an outdoor living room you can enjoy all summer long.

Model 200 WeatherMaster Sunroom

An addition to the Sunspace Model 100 Screen Room with our WeatherMaster window system to allow you to choose the option of completely opening your Sunroom to the weather or close it up to keep the rain and wind out while still enjoying the outdoor space. The WeatherMaster windows allow you to choose to have up to 75% ventilation by stacking the windows up, down or in the middle.

Model 300 Three Season Sunroom

This Sunroom is for the homeowner looking to add additional living space to your home for more then just the warmer months. With insulated floors and windows enjoy your Sunroom living space from early spring to late fall. Maybe you want to add some additional space and living to your cottage, use this room as a home office, guest bedroom or an additional living room.

Model 400 Insulated Sunroom

The model 400 is like adding an addition to your home that can be used all year round! Use it as an extra bedroom or you home office and enjoy the beauties of the season all year. This Sunroom is a step up from the Model 300 Three Season Sunroom.

Now that you have more information about the differences between the different Models of Sunrooms you may have a better idea of the type of Sunroom you want. This, however doesn’t answer your other question, we’ve listed a few of the benefits of adding a Sunroom to your home.

Why Should I Have a Sunroom?

Added Space & Increased Natural Light

The most obvious reason is it adds additional living space to your home and allows more natural light to enter your home. This added space can be used for many different things and is sure to be one of your favorite spaces in your home.

Energy Efficient

Yes, adding a Sunroom to your home can help you reduce your utilities bill especially during the winter. Allowing the natural sunlight in will naturally warm up your Sunroom and can bring that warmth into your home.

Improve your health

How can a Sunroom improve your health? It’s actually very simple, with natural Vitamin D! During the winter, we don’t get out into the sun very often because the weather often prevents us from wanting to leave the warmth of our home. With a Sunroom you won’t have to face the cold to make sure you are getting enough natural vitamin D from the sun, just head into your Sunroom and soak up the sun!

Home Office/Entertaining Area

Maybe you are looking for a bigger office or entertaining space. Your new Sunroom can act as both or one or the other and if it’s a home office your looking for, who wouldn’t love an office with windows on all sides? Not only will this make you want to come to work every day, you’ll spend less on decorating your office with accents and pieces that brighten up your room because you’ll have natural art!

Increased Value

The Sunroom you choose will all depend on how much your new Sunroom will increase the value of your home! Not only does it increase the square footage of your home therefore increasing its value, the next homeowners are sure to love the room just as much as you do.

Multi-Purpose Room

The newly added Sunroom has a wide range of uses and depending on your needs the sky is the limit! Transform your Sunroom from an outdoor living room, or an indoor Greenhouse or even a tranquil retreat where you can come to relax and relive stress. No matter what you think of it is sure to be done in your new Sunspace Sunroom.

For more information, tips and design ideas for your new Sunspace Sunroom contact Canton Aluminum and speak with one of our experts today! We will help you through the entire process for your Sunroom and answer any and all of your questions.