Bring the Season Indoors!

With the autumn season here and all the beautiful colors it brings many of us want unique ways to enjoy the season and decorate with fall colors. Now you can do the typical pumpkins and squash decorations throughout your home, but there may be some of you that want to do something different but still festive. We’ve put together a few ideas that are unique and bring the fall colors indoors!


One way you can bring the season indoors is with lights! Many of us usually only start thinking about hanging lights indoors around the Christmas season, but you can also use lights throughout every season. Start with some Up Lights! You can use just your normal white colored up lights or get festive with some orange or yellow colored up lights.

Place these lights throughout your home & Sunroom at the bottom of bigger plants/trees or on top of book shelves to draw peoples’ attention up. Place these lights anywhere you want to add a focal point to.

DIY Fall Décor

Add some fall decorations to your home. Make them more unique by creating your own with simple things you can find around your house. Have some old mason jars laying around that you don’t use anymore? Perfect! With a bunch of mason jars, you can create 2 different fall decorations. Take all the mason jar bands and take a piece of thin rope string them through the rope and tie them together, grab a couple of sticks of cinnamon and put it in the middle before tightening the rope and spread the lids out evenly. Ta da! You have a super simple, super cute DIY pumpkin. You can also spray paint the lids different colors to dress them up.

For the second DIY decoration, you will need:

  • The mason jars, with the outsides cleaned well with rubbing alcohol
  • A bunch of fall colored leaves (real or fake, it’s up to you. If you do decide to use real leaves make sure they aren’t to stiff, you can soak them in water to make them more flexible.)
  • Mod Podge (or Clear glue)
  • Sponge Brush (optional)

Once your jars are clean and your leaves are malleable your ready to start. Dip your brush (or fingers) in the glue/mod podge and place the leaf on the jar and run the glue across the leaf starting from the middle and spreading out towards the edges. It may take a few tries to get the leaves stuck down and flush with the jar. Continue adding leaves with the same process until you have reached you desired look, you can choose to completely cover the jar with leaves or leave some negative space between the layers. The jars will take a few hours to completely dry and may need an additional coat of glue on the jar to make sure everything is in it’s place. Once it is dry you can leave them as is and add some tealight candles in them or add another rustic autumn touch by tying some raffia or ribbon around the top.

Another simple project that you can do to autumn up your home is by adding some cinnamon candle to every room! Now we don’t just mean going out to Walmart and buying some cinnamon scented candles. Find some tall thicker unscented candles of various heights and get a bunch of cinnamon sticks. Start by creating a circle of cinnamon sticks around the outside of the candle and once your circle is complete use some string to tie it together. Continue this process with the rest of the candles and now whenever you light one of those candles you will have afresh smell of cinnamon with them.

Traditional Autumn Pieces

Traditional fall decorations are a must no matter how much you want to create unique fall décor! So finish up your decoration with some great traditional pieces. Incorporate lots of pumpkins and squash, and just because you are adding some traditional pieces to your décor that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own style to them. For example, instead of real pumpkins use fake plastic ones that you can add some glitter glue to or spray paint in gold or silver.

For the outdoors traditional is always so much fun and so easy to do. Grab a couple of bales of hay add some multi-colored autumn leaves and some pumpkins & squash and your ready to go!

These wonderful ideas can be used throughout your home and into your Sunroom. Add a few more autumn decorations to your Sunroom and the next time you’re in your Sunroom relaxing and enjoying the beautiful fall weather, you may almost feel like you’re outside enjoying the beautiful scenery. Open a couple of your WeatherMaster windows and let some of the fall air in to make your experience even more real.

Whether you prefer small and simple autumn touches throughout your home or you like to go all out with the decorating, all of these ideas can work beautifully on their own as well as together with one another. Have some great fall decorating ideas of yourself? We’d love to hear about them! Share them with us in the comments below and let us know what you think of ours!

For more tips and great fall decorating ideas for your Sunroom contact a professional at Canton Aluminum. Give us a call at 330-456-0021 or visit our showroom at 1330 E. Tuscarawas St. Canton OH, 44707.