DIY Myths

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Common DIY Home Improvement Myths

The DIY trend has been consistently increasing year after year with most homeowners now always wanting to do renovation projects or fixes around the house themselves. Many homeowners don’t realize what they are in for until it is too late and although we have heard many great DIY stories we’ve also come across the DIY horror stories as well.

The trick is to know when you can do it yourself and when you should call a professional. Going with a professional is not always more expensive, especially when you factor in how long it would take you to do the same job and how to handle unexpected complications.

We’ve compiled a list of DIY projects you can complete yourself and how to know which ones you should leave for the professionals.

DIY is always cheaper

This is not a straight yes or no answer. If you’re planning on doing a smaller project like backsplash tile, changing door handles, or fixing a small hole in your wall, with a bit of time spent on researching the best route to do these projects, yes you can save money. However, on a larger project like renovating your kitchen or making your main floor have an open concept look doing it yourself can be a costly mistake.

You are not a contractor and can’t tell which walls are necessary to keep in order to keep your house standing and taking out the wrong wall can cost you more than the entire project would have cost to begin with. We always like to say if the project you are planning is tricky and requires moving or work around plumbing and electrical, it’s usually best to have a professional complete the project for you.

Buying Your Own Materials Saves Money

You may be able to find materials that are slightly less expensive than the materials your contractor wants to use, which you may think is really good and a great way to cut down some costs on your renovation project. But what you may not be thinking about is that the quality of the products your contractor uses may be better quality than the stuff you get from the big box stores.

This may not be an issue for you, and you may not think that it’ll matter because you can just replace it later when and if it breaks with another because it wasn’t that expensive. This could work, although when the item breaks you’ll have to call in the contractor that did the install to replace it, and that will cost you every time it needs replacing. Going with the materials that the contractor uses will last you longer and when it the time comes to replace it, it is usually under warranty and won’t cost you a thing to replace.

You ALWAYS Need a Permit

No matter how big or small your project is if it includes moving plumbing, electrical, or an HVAC system you’ll need a permit. If you building a deck off the back of your house, you’ll need a permit. If you’re developing your basement, guess what, you need a permit. Even for small renovations you may not think will need a permit, it never hurts to go and ask your cities building department. Yes, this can be a timely process, but we can assure you it’s worth the time.

Having a permit for every renovation project you do not only ensures you’re not forced to tear down what you just did and waste all that time and money, but it also helps with if you plan on selling your house in the future. Potential buyers can see that the job is done right and they won’t have to deal with any issues once they move in.

Have a plan

The best time to save money on a renovation project is during the planning phase. Taking the time and properly planning out your project could save you thousands in the end, and an experienced and educated designer or architect can help you plan your project out and let you know what to expect. A designer or architect can also let you know any expected or unexpected issues that you may run into throughout your project so you can have a plan and an emergency budget set aside for these unexpected issues.

Planning out your project will also save you money in the sense that your contractor’s workers won’t be sitting around doing anything while they wait for permits or your decision about what to start on next. If your project could possibly take up a lot of time, spend the time and money to have a designer or architect help you plan out your renovation project. It will save you time and possibly thousands of dollars.

Call the Professionals

Whenever you are planning on starting a renovation project no matter how big or small, it is always a good idea to have a professional in and give you a quote. Whether you are planning on doing the project yourself or you are shopping around for a good contractor for the job, knowing what you’re in for is always the best way to start a project.

For more information on renovation tips and helpful ways to get the job done right, speak with an expert at Canton Aluminum. Give us a call at (330) 456-0021 or contact us for a full list of renovation services.

11 Ways to Save Money on Your Utilities – Part 2

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Saving Through Efficiency

There are many ways to save money on your monthly utility bills, here we continue from part 1 of 11 Ways to Save Money on Your Utilities, and offer the remaining 6 tips to make your home more efficient and save you money each month.

      1. Installing Insulated Vinyl Siding

        Your home may already have siding, but homes in colder climates can greatly benefit from the extra layer of insulation our Insulated Vinyl Siding has to offer. Not only will it increase the heating efficiency of your home, it will notably make a difference in your gas bill.

        With our wide variety of styles and colors available, our professionals will help you choose something both practical and beautiful.

      2. Insulating your Water Heater

        Many homeowners don’t realize that if you have an older water heater simply installing a hot water heater jacket can help keep the water stored in your hot water tank hotter longer. Insulating your hot water tank with at least an R 24 insulation can help reduce standby heat loss by 25%–45% and save you about 7%–16% in overall water heating costs.

      3. Washing Laundry in Cold Water

        Many of us may already do this, but washing your clothes in cold water can also help save on your energy costs.  A good portion of the electricity your washing machine uses is used to heat the water. This simple adjustment to your washing machine’s settings can reduce your washing machine’s energy usage by as much as 90%.

      4. Be Mindful of When Running Your Dishwasher

        We generally take for granted the amount of water used every time we turn on our dishwashers. Making the most of your dishwasher is key for reducing cost, and overall waste. Try and not run your dishwasher unless it’s full. Manually washing pots and pans can reduce the number of times you run your dishwasher in the week. Bonus Tip: Save even more by turning off the manual heat dry setting and let your dishes air dry instead.

      5. Buying Higher Efficiency Appliances

        If you have older appliances in your house, you could be wasting more money then you even think. It’s well documented that older appliances have very low efficiency ratings. The best way to see the most improvement and significantly reduced your overall utilities is to Energy Star rated appliances. Use this handy spread sheet to calculate your potential savings.

      6. Replacing Your Doors

        Another area of your home that can make a huge difference on your monthly bills is updating your outside doors. Many homeowners don’t even realize that their front door may be allowing the warm air to escape. Any outside door can attribute to heat loss. Depending on how old your door is the solution may be as simple as adding a storm door to outside doors to add an extra layer of insulation. Even if you have had a new door installed recently they may not always mean that the drafts are gone.

        To find out if your doors are leaking conduct this simple test: With your door shut, light a candle and start slowly running the candle around the edges of your door. If at any point the flame of the candle starts to flicker or go out, then you’ll know that your door is not doing its job of keeping heat in and cold out. It’s time for an upgrade! Canton Aluminum has a wide variety of Entry Doors & Storm Doors to choose from, if you’re still unsure of what door is best for you contact one of our experts and we will provide you with a Free estimate and help you find the right solution for your home.

If you have any other energy saving tips let us know! We’d love to hear all the great ways other homeowners are saving money!

11 Ways to Save Money on Your Utilities – Part 1

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Lowering Your Heating Bill

How many times have you thought about moving to a warmer climate during this time of year? The idea is very appealing to a lot of people, but it’s not always an option. As the cold weather and snowfall sets in, in many parts of the country, homeowners are dreading the increase in monthly costs.

There are many things you can do as a homeowner to keep your heating costs low, here we’ve compiled a list of 11 ways you can save on your utility bills:

      1. Replacing your Windows

        One of the most well-known ways to save on your utility bills is to replace your windows. Inspect your windows for drafts and cold areas. A good way to do this is with a candle, you can see small draft winds on the delicate flame that you may not be able to feel with your hand.

        For more information on the various replacement windows we offer, or for a FREE estimate, give us a call at (330) 456-0021.

      2. Insulating your Attic

        Out of sight, out of mind; the attic is one space in the house many home owners overlook. This space, however, is where much of your home’s heat can escape. Hot air rises, so if you don’t insulate properly you are wasting your money. According to Energy Star, you can save an estimated 25% on your heating bill by simply adding extra insulation to your attic.

      3. Installing or Repairing Weather Stripping

        Often forgotten, weather stripping can make all the difference to keeping your warm air in, and keeping the cool air out. Repairing, or adding, weather stripping is a fairly simple project and may be something you can do on your own.  Much like we suggested checking for air leaks around your windows, you want to apply the same process to checking your doors.

      4. Investing In A Programmable Thermostat

        A programmable thermostat can go a long way and help you maintain a low utility bill. Just by setting the thermostat to automatically turn itself down a couple degrees each night while you are sleeping can make a big difference on your utility bill. Many newer programmable thermostats have WiFi enabled utilities that will allow you to adjust your heat automatically on a schedule, or manually from your phone. A suggested schedule would look something like this:

        • Turn the heat down 2 degrees before bed.
        • Turn the heat back up about 20 minutes before you wake up.
        • Turn the heat down 2 degrees when you leave for work.
        • Turn the heat back up 20 minutes before you get home.
      5. Replacing Your Shower Head

        There’s nothing like a nice hot shower on a blistery cold evening, but did you know that many older shower heads can use up to 5 gallons of water per minute?

        Just by changing your shower head to a Low-Flow shower head you can reduce the amount of water being used to 1.5 gallons. Many newer designs are so efficient you won’t even notice the change in water. The only change you will notice is on both your gas and water bills.

Click Here For Part 2 of 11 Ways to Save Money on Your Utilities

These are only a few of the great ways to save money on your monthly utility bills this winter. For more information about how Canton Aluminum can help give us a call at (330) 456-0021 or send us an email.

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How to Enjoy your Backyard in Fall & Winter

Backyards Shouldn’t Be Seasonal

With the cooler weather here, now is usually when everyone starts packing up their backyard furniture and getting the outside of their homes ready for winter. One thing we all dread is not being able to use our backyards that many of us have spent most of our summer fixing and making it a space that you and your family want to spend time in and enjoy. As the winter weather starts to approach we often forget about how important our backyards have become to us and our families and big a role it played in our lives these past months.

With the colder weather, we are all dreading the fact that we will be spending more time indoors and not being able to enjoy all the hard work we just put into our backyards. We understand your frustrations! That’s why we have come up with some ways for you and your family to spend more time outdoors in the comfort and warmth of the indoors.

  1. Add to Existing Patio Covers & Screen Rooms

    If you spent your summer adding a Patio Cover or Screened Patio area, then converting it into a Sunroom will be that much easier to do. Yes, you didn’t have much time to enjoy your new Patio Cover and reap all its benefits, but converting your new Patio Cover or Screened Porch into a Three or Four Season Sunroom has many other benefits that you will be able to see instantly.

    Converting your Patio Cover to a Patio Enclosure is as simple as adding some walls and adding an insulated floor depending on the type of Sunroom you’re looking to add to your existing Patio Cover or Screened Enclosure. Closing your Patio will extend your enjoyment of your backyard and allow you to gain more space for holiday entertaining. Take more time to enjoy not only the beautiful sights the summer months have to offer, but also the beautiful scenery not many of us get to enjoy during the Fall and Winter months.

    If you are looking to warm up your existing Screen Room then the job is even easier, all you’ll need to do is add our WeatherMaster Windows to the inside of your Screen Room. Adding the windows to your Screen Room will help you enjoy some added space through most of the fall season. Depending on how you keep your Sunroom warm as the weather gets cooler you may be able to enjoy your newly enclosed room into early winter. Adding windows to your already Screened Room not only has its benefits during the cooler months but you are also able to enjoy more of the summer months. Ever have your children want to be outside on a rainy or super-hot day? With the WeatherMaster windows you can choose how much ventilation you want in your new Sunroom.

  2. Winterize Your Sunroom

    If you already have a Sunroom then all you’ll need to worry about, is making your Sunroom ready for the cold weather. You can “winterize” your Sunroom easily by simply adding in some additional heat sources and going through your Sunroom and fixing any cracks or holes there may be.

    If you’re looking to make your Sunroom a more permanent room that you and your family spend time in, then finding more suitable heat sources should be your focus. Adding a fireplace to your Sunroom can go a long way, especially when you are looking to use your Sunroom as one of your main living spaces. Small simple additions in your Sunroom can keep you and your family warm while you’re enjoying the bright changing colors of the fall leaves or while you’re watching the very first snow fall.

  3. Add a 3 or 4 Season Sunroom

    Converting your outdoor space into a Three or Four Season Sunroom may be easier then you may think. The added benefits of adding a Three or Four Season Sunroom to your home are endless, but picking the correct Sunroom to suit you and your family’s needs may be the tricky part.

    To find out how to choose the right Sunroom for you and your family checkout Why you Should Have a Sunroom.

    Differences in Types of Sunrooms
    The differences between a Three Season Sunroom and a Four Season Sunroom are only a few things, but the differences between the two Sunrooms can mean enjoying your Sunroom all year round or just enjoying it from Spring to Fall.

    If you don’t have time to read through our other article about which Sunroom is right for you, no problem we’ve got a quick overview of the differences between a Three Season Sunroom and a Four Season Sunroom.

    A Four Season Sunroom comes with double glazed high efficiency, Low e-argon gas Glass Windows, and the Sunspace Thermal Roof System. Both Sunrooms come with the solid ThermaDeck insulated flooring that ensures both rooms will have a warm insulated flooring. Although the 3 Season Sunroom does not have insulated windows or roof, there are ways to keep your Sunroom warm long enough to enjoy the beginning of winter.

  4. Enjoy the Snow!

    Alternatively, you can bundle your family up and enjoy the beautiful winter wonderland. Consider different winter activities for your family to enjoy in your backyard, this will not only keep your family active during the winter, but it will keep your family spending more time together. Many families already enjoy spending time outdoors during the winter, why not enjoy the beautiful sights and season.

For more information about our Sunrooms, contact us today!

Bring the Season Indoors!

Bring the Season indoors

Bringing Fall Indoors

As if the fall season isn’t beautiful enough, combining traditional fall colors with handmade seasonal decor you can create warmth to any space, even your Sunroom!

We’ve put together a few ideas that are both unique and brilliant!

  1. Indoor Lighting

    One way you can bring the beauty of the season indoors is with lights! Many people only think about hanging lights indoors around the Christmas season, but you can add elegance with lighting any time of the year. Adding white, or fall colored lights to center pieces, hanging plants, and displays is a great way to highlight your decor.

  2. DIY Fall Decor

    Adding some fall decorations to your home is a great way to spruce things up. Make them unique by creating your own using simple things you can find around your house.

    Mason jars scream fall already with canning season being this time of year, but with a little creativity, you can transform simple mason jars into vases, lanterns, pumpkins, candle holders, treat jars and more.

  3. Autumn Leaf Candle Holder

    picture of a lead candle holder
    Our favorite mason jar transformation is one that has been beautifully decoupaged with autumn colored leaves. This project was originally shared on Country Living’s 25 Best Fall Crafts 

    All you need is:

    • Mason jars, cleaned well with rubbing alcohol
    • A bunch of fall colored leaves (real or fake, it’s up to you. If you do decide to use real leaves soak them in water to make them flexible.)
    • Mod Podge (or craft glue)
    • Sponge Brush (optional)
    • Raffia or Ribbon (optional)

    Once your jars are clean and your leaves are malleable your ready to start. Dip your brush (or fingers) in the glue/mod podge and stick the leaf to the jar. Paint over top of the leaf to get it to stick into place. Continue “painting” over the leaf until you get it to stick into place. Repeat the process on the next leaf. You can choose to completely cover the jar or leave some negative space between the layers.

    Dry for a couple hours. You may need an additional coat of glue/mod podge on the jar to make sure everything stays put. Once fully dry you can dress up the outside with some raffia or ribbon.

    Add a tea-light or votive candle to the inside of the jar and enjoy!

  4. Traditional Autumn Pieces

    Traditional fall decorations are a must! Incorporating pumpkins and squash, with hay bales and dried corn says harvest season right away. Just because you are adding some traditional pieces to your décor doesn’t mean you can’t add your own style as well. For example, mix real pumpkins with fake plastic ones that you can add glitter or metallic spray paint to.

  5. Extend Fall Décor Into Your Sunroom

    These wonderful ideas can be used throughout your home and also into your Sunroom. Incorporating your fall decor in your Sunroom is a wonderful way to make the space feel comfortable. Try a string of porch lights in your Sunroom for added warmth.  Enjoy the space like any other room in your home. Go ahead, open some windows, let the crisp fall air in to make your experience even more enjoyable.

Whether you prefer small and simple autumn touches throughout your home, or you like to go all out with seasonal decorating, combining traditional fall decor with unique hand made items can make a difference.

For more tips and great fall decorating ideas for your Sunroom contact a professional at Canton Aluminum. Give us a call at (330) 456-0021 or visit our showroom at 1330 E. Tuscarawas St. Canton OH, 44707

Plan ahead for Success!

Tips for Planning Your Next Home Renovation

With the cold quickly creeping in at night waving goodbye to warm summer days, now is a great time to start planning goals for your home in 2018. A new year is a new fresh slate on which you can accomplish anything you set your mind to; with the right planning, of course.

If you’re a homeowner who is looking to move in the not too distance future, or one who appreciates smart investments, it’s an easy realization that home renovations can add a large amount of value to any property. Consumers love new products, and what’s a better feeling than having a home that looks and feels freshly built?

  1. Assess Your Property

    It is important to know your properties strong and weak points. Maybe your home has an amazing garden that is the envy of the neighborhood, but it still has an unfinished basement. Your home is possibly in great condition, except the window frames which are slowly decaying. Or, quite often as we see, homes are wonderfully decorated inside, but have a completely ignored exterior.

    Something we frequently find are properties with decks in varying states of decay. Replacing a deck is no easy task and something that many homeowners decide to take on themselves and quickly find out what a large amount of work is involved. There are always actions to take, but it is best to plan what the most effective strategy for your home is first.

  2. Be Realistic

    If you are not a handy person yourself, you may find the DIY approach to be tougher than expected. This is why it’s important to properly budget your renovations for the year and understand the true costs behind upgrading your home. Things like the cost of labor, materials, permits, and unforeseen circumstances (which will happen more than you’d think,) all add up very quickly. Home improvement is almost always a great investment, but it has to be the right investment for you at the moment. Make sure you can afford what you are setting out to do.

    Our professionals will gladly help assess your property and give you a free quote on some upgrades for your property.

  3. Tackle it in Stages

    Looking to replace your deck, all the windows in your home, and completely finish your basement? Excellent! Don’t expect to get this all done in the course of a month.  It’s important to set realistic timelines, both for budget reasons and to have lax project timelines to account for unexpected issues. Properties are complicated objects with a lot of interconnected parts and aspects. Always try to account for the unforeseen. However, this will be easier with the help of trained professionals who already know the typical routine!

    It’s good to have a handle on when to do what type of home renovation as well. You may find it easier to try and renovate your home interior during colder months while renovating your exterior in the warmer months—for obvious reasons. However, consider the reverse: during the winter months, contractors usually have more availability, and along with that comes lower costs (both of labor and materials!). It’s always important to get as many quotes as you can to best understand your project, what it entails, and when the best time to go ahead will be.

  4. Be Cost Effective!

    Rebates can be your friend — upgrades with energy efficiency in mind can help you qualify for rebates on the municipal, state, and federal levels. These rebates can add up quicker than you think and add a nice little chunk of cash back from what you are spending. Transforming your deck into an insulated sunroom can actually earn you money! But, keep in mind that to be eligible for these rebates you will first have to have an energy audit which will lay out the foundation for how much your home has improved after your renovations.

    On top of rebates, consider the true impact of properly insulating your home. It’s a long-term investment which will definitely save money over time, by offering benefits such as: your own energy bills will go down, your home will stay cooler in the summer months and retain heat better in the winter months.

  5. Have a vision of Success

    Make sure that ultimately, as the home/property owner, you have an complete vision of what you’d like to achieve from your property and what you’d like to be able to get out of it. If you’re selling, you may only be interested in mostly giving it a ‘face-lift’ so it looks great to new buyers. If you’re planning on living here for an extended time, the features of your home matter more than not. Do you want a great deck to host the best summer BBQs for all your family and friends? Looking for a guest house for when the in-laws come over, so you can have a little privacy? Or maybe you need a home office but don’t have enough rooms to make it happen. Whatever your goals, with the right amount of planning, they can become a reality! It’s just important to feel out exactly what you’d like to get from your property.

Feel free to contact our experts here at Canton Aluminum, we’ll gladly take the time to talk about your property, the goals you have, and how we can help get you in motion for a better home. Give us a call or come visit our showroom today.

Getting the Most from your Home and Property

Need more living space?

Even if you don’t already have a deck or patio, as long as you have extra space on your property you can always convert that to additional living space. Sunspace Sunrooms’ products come in a variety of configurations and versions and are incredibly modular. For example, you may have never even considered the fact that what is currently your deck can be transformed in a short amount of time into the home office of your dreams!

A home transformation like this can be hard to imagine or even visualize. Sometimes it helps to come out to our showroom and see for yourself the final result — and just how much is possible. From a breezy enclosed screen room to a fully insulated Four Season Sunroom, truly the only limit is your own desires.

Looking for added value?

Convert your existing space! With the conversion to a Four Season Sunroom, you can treat your home extension as any kind of room you would have wanted or longed for when you first moved in. Looking for a new guest bedroom? Or possibly just more living space to spend time with the family and relax? Or maybe a private study where you can read a book in peace and quiet while still enjoying the view of the lovely outdoors from the comfort of your home?

Interested in Energy Efficiency?

Insulated sunrooms are a great way to go green without even knowing it. By design, insulated sunrooms will stay warm during the winter and cooler during the summer, this can easily translate into a lower utility bill year round as this thermal energy transfers and evens out into the rest of the house.

Some sunroom owners may have taken a DIY approach or had help from outside contractors; if your sunroom is a few years old and is starting to show it’s age, there are some things you could try to do to help extend the life and livability of your room, such as:

  • Check the window frames on both the interior and exterior. If you notice any significant gaps or cracks, you may want to consider investing in some caulk or weatherproof adhesive to help control the situation. These leaks and gaps are obvious losses of significant amounts of energy in both the hotter and cooler seasons.
  • During winter, check your local home improvement store and purchase a weatherization kit: typically this will be a plastic film or cover you place over your window frames with an adhesive (or they may stick individually) which will help keep heat from escaping as easily to winter’s cold bite. In addition, or instead of this, you may also consider getting thick drapes to cover the curtains with.
  • The opposite is actually possible during the summer — if you purchase some type of reflective drape to prevent excessive amounts of sun leaking into your home. You may have likely seen something like this implemented in other people’s cars in parking lots during the summer.
  • A fan is an excellent purchase for both warmer and cooler months. Good airflow is key to a temperate home, and being able to cool off during the heat or circulate the warm air during the winter is always important.

If you’re looking to improve your energy efficiency at all with the experts from Canton Aluminum on your side, you can be guaranteed that you’ll have a quality installation that will last.

Full Temperature Control

Of course sometimes our ecological footprint isn’t the first concern and there are multitudes of ways to enhance the comfort of your sunroom. Many homes have pre-existing methods of heating and cooling, and these work just fine. If this isn’t the case, there are several options which could be more appealing.

  • Baseboard Heaters: An easy approach would be to simply add baseboard heating to your sunroom. Though easy, this can add up in saved utility costs fairly quickly depending on how large of a space you’re trying to heat and depending on how frequently.
  • Fireplaces: A ventless gas fireplace may be a better option if you have room to fit one and it matches the décor of your room. Fireplaces can be the main attraction of many sunrooms and are great to enjoy on cool nights in front of the fire.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your sunroom or what can be done to improve it, or if you’re looking to convert an existing deck or patio, simply contact our experts with years of experience to help you achieve your goals!

Why You Should Have a Sunroom


Have you been considering adding a Sunroom to your home but have questions like:

“What kind of Sunroom do I want?”

“What’s the difference between the different models?”

Like many others, questions are just part of the process of adding a Sunroom to your home. Canton Aluminum knows this and will be there to help you through each step of the process.

Benefits of Adding a Sunroom

  • Added Space and Increased Natural Light
    Why might you want to add a Sunroom to your home? The most obvious answer that jumps out is the added living space it creates. The beauty of the windowed system lets natural light enter your home. This added space can be used for many different things and is sure to be one of your favorite spaces in your home.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Yes, adding a Sunroom to your home can help you reduce your utilities bills, especially during the winter. Sunlight will naturally warm up your Sunroom and insulate that side of your home.
  • Improve Your Health
    How can a Sunroom improve your health? It’s actually very simple, with natural Vitamin D! During the winter, we don’t get out into the sun very often because the weather often prevents us from wanting to leave the warmth of our home. With a Sunroom you won’t have to face the cold to make sure you are getting enough natural vitamin D from the sun, just head into your Sunroom and soak up the sun!
  • Increased Value
    The Sunroom you choose will all depend on how much your new Sunroom will increase the value of your home! Increasing the square footage of your living space will increase your home’s value, plus it gives the next home owner a unique reason to purchase your home over another. This give’s your home a competitive advantage in tough markets.

Multi-Purpose Room

Your newly added Sunroom has a wide range of uses and depending on your needs the sky is the limit! Transform your Sunroom into a:

  • Home Office
  • Indoor Greenhouse
  • Outdoor Living Room
  • Playroom
  • Yoga Room

Sunroom Options

To get you started, we’ve put together a quick and easy list of some main differences between our Sunroom models along with the benefits and uses for each.

We carry the complete Sunroom line from Sunspace Sunrooms, which includes four different Sunroom models, ranging from the Model 100 Screen Room to the Model 400 Insulated Sunroom.

  • Model 100 Screen Room
    Like the name states this is a Sunroom that is a Screen Room with the durable Sunspace Screens along all walls from ceiling to floor. This Sunroom is the perfect addition for your home if you just want to have an outdoor space with some added protection from the elements and insects. Sunspace Model 100 Screen Rooms offer stylish design options, full ventilation and can be installed directly onto an existing patio or deck.
  • Model 200 WeatherMaster Sunroom
    This model includes all the quality of the Model 100 Screen Room with the addition of our WeatherMaster window system. This will give you the option of a breezy screen room, or safety from the elements much like an enclosed porch. The model 200 is a very popular model for porch conversions.
  • Model 300 Three Season Sunroom
    This Sunroom is for the homeowner looking to add additional living space to your home. With insulated floors and windows, enjoy your Sunroom living space from early spring to late fall. Great way to add an additional room to your cottage. Install over an existing patio, porch or even carport!
  • Model 400 Insulated Sunroom
    The model 400 is like adding an addition to your home that can be used all year round! Use it as an extra bedroom or you home office and enjoy the beauties of the season all year. This Sunroom is a step up from the Model 300 Three Season Sunroom.

For more information, tips, and design ideas for your new Sunspace Sunroom, give us a call or contact us to speak with one of our experts today! We will help you through the entire process for your Sunroom and answer any and all of your questions.

65 Years Experience & What We’ve Learned About Home Improvements

Canton Aluminum Proudly Serving 65 Years

65+ Years, and Still Going Strong

On April 25, 1952, the Canton Repository’s headline congratulated the 33 Best Spellers from Stark, Tuscarawas, and Carroll counties alongside major headlines about war and new beginnings for Pike County. Then there was us, Canton Aluminum, a small family owned business starting out with quality manufactured awnings, siding, storm windows and doors all made from aluminum materials.

Morris Knell, the uncle of current owners, Jerry and Marty Ortman, founded Canton Aluminum in 1952. Jerry joined his uncle in 1971 and soon after became a partner. When Morris passed away, in 1984, Marty joined his brother in sales and worked his way up to partner. Both brothers have been successfully keeping the family business growing and thriving since.

Always customer focused

Although Canton Aluminum has evolved and changed throughout the years, our core values have stayed the same; providing our customers with quality materials, professional service and a job well done, every time. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with exactly what they want; in fact, a good portion of our business is referrals from past clients and customers.

Over the years we have evolved to include a broad range of modern quality products including vinyl siding, sunrooms, replacement windows, doors and patio coverings, to name a few. We work with reputable companies that align with our core values, and our customers can see that quality in the products they purchase.

We’ve learned a few things about our customers, primarily what they care most about when they come to us for their next project – quality work and materials, attention to detail, friendly faces and cleaning up once the job is complete.

Our customers have told us many times how much they appreciate the level of detail our installers concern themselves with and how they are always more than satisfied with the project from start to finish. It’s important to us that we not only ensure our customers are getting a quality project from our professional team, but also we make sure to clean up after ourselves so you can start enjoying your space without the added hassle of cleaning.

Big supporters of local community

We support our local community by participating in local fairs and events. Owners Jerry & Marty Ortman are also active members of the community. They are members of the Building Industry Association (BIA), Canton and Plain Township Rotary Clubs and the North Canton, Jackson and Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Changing with the times, adding new products

In 2008 we decided to work with a respectable and well-known Sunrooms company, Sunspace Sunrooms. Our customers love their products: Everything from Screen rooms to 4 Season Sunrooms, WeatherMaster Windows and SlideClear Screens. As a result of bringing in the Sunspace product lines, we were able to extend the number of quality products we offered our customers.

“Last summer, after much shopping for contractors, we chose Canton Aluminum to rebuild a sunroom on our home. The sunroom we had was a patio type with all sliding doors and was falling off the house. I wanted a stick built room – something that would look more a natural part of our home than an add-on. Marty and the other fine folks at Canton Aluminum made the process a wonderful experience. During our “consultation” visits, he listened carefully to what we needed and hoped for; He offered suggestions and ideas that improved our vision. The work crews (we had the house reroofed also) were courteous, professional and efficient. The finished room is exactly what we envisioned, and we could not be more pleased! I would not hesitate to recommend Canton Aluminum to anyone looking to make home improvements. Should we decide to do any other work on our home, Canton Aluminum will be our first call!”
– Patty M.

Thank You For A Wonderful 65 Years

Over the past 65 years, we have been fortunate to work with so many great people and help them improve their homes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their continued support and trust in our company. We truly would not be where we are today without all of you. Our goal is to continue to providing all Northeast Ohio with quality work, and strive to ensure our customers receive the quality work they have come to know and expect from Canton Aluminum.

Have a memory or story about Canton Aluminum? We’d love to hear it!  

It’s Home Show Season!

That Time of Year

That’s right – home show season is here and at Canton Aluminum we are super excited to help our customers turn their dreams into reality this year!

Stay tuned and on the look out for where Canton Aluminum will be next! We will keep you updated through our Facebook page and you can also checkout the Sunspace Sunrooms website to find out where you can find us next!

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Home Show season is one of our most favorite times of the year, we get to help so many homeowners bring their dreams to life and provide them with so many great ideas and ways they can add on to their homes. A home show is a great place to find new ways to extend your home and property and really build your dream home. Visit with our experts and not only get inspiration for your next renovation project, but also make it happen with Canton Aluminum!

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